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Why relationships go wry

Relationships go wry, when a man is a womanizer with short sexual pleasures. He finds every woman to torment, and reboost their confidence in only to fill the woman's mind with empty promises. He's a cheater, and loves to degrade every woman he touches. His promises are a dime a dozen, and a spit in one's trash can. Most men do not know how to fill a woman's fantasy, and make them their primary reason for living. Instead, they find it necessary to cheat, lie, and decieve that special woman in broken promises. There is not one man out there, who will decieve? And lie his way into the woman's mind, only to shatter her dreams into a perfect relationship. The woman becomes vulnerable and believes that the man is honest, but should he be? no! He makes up some story, to let her know that she's the only one for him, and he would never lie. Most men would do anything not to get caught in their actions. And then the poor woman is made a fool again. These men need to be castorated, and cut off from society. A man needs to tell the truth and be honest in his relationship. If he goes behind your back and lie to her, then he's not worth a pot to piss in.

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