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Tears on fire

A single tear falls
For those who are gone
To some its a teardrop of forgiveness
Allowing them into heaven
To others its a teardrop of fire
Sending them to the blazes
Of hellfire and torture
No tear, however
Was shed for me
Catapulting me into purgatory

Why does my soul wander?
Between the planes
Of good and evil
Pondering my escape
I hear a voice in the distance
The voice of a forgotten friend
The closer i get to the voice
The farther away it gets
Until I fall deaf to it
And once again I am alone

This place has broken me
And left me here alone
With nothingness all around me
I sit here and think
And I begin to recall the past
I remember my loved ones
I can hear their laughter
And suddenly
Like a light from within
The darkness comes to be light
A tear was shed for me
But one of Fire that proceeded to become forgiveness
And all I need is one more
To completely decide my fate
Until then I wait
Alone and anxious
Here I am
Where are you?

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