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When you feel love in the air, it makes you feel like you and that one person are the only two people left on the earth. This feeling will show you what true love really is. When you love someone so much you will do anything for them, you will guide them. If they want their space you will give it to them because you love them that much. and you dont want to see them get more aggravated. You would rather see them get through whatever it is that is getting at them so you can continue on with your relationship. Love is a beautiful thing and nobody should never not feel love. Love is the key to having a perfect life. Without love in it your life will never be complete, because you will never know if there ever was that one person for you to share the rest of your life with. Because everyone needs there one true love to make everything in their life and dreams complete. Nobody wants to be alone and nobody has to be alone. Because everyone can find that one special person. Love is not a toy. You can not mess around with love. If you hurt someones feelings then you know deep down in your heart that there is something between you two you just dont know it yet. And you cant just tell someone you love them then tell them you dont want to be with them anymore because when you do that it means you are hiding from something or someone. When you love someone you should never try hiding your feelings for that person even if they dont feel the same way because you never know they might feel the same way as you feel and may want a relationship with you. And you may find that they are your one true love. Never ever give up when you know you love someone so much. Because in the end you wont ever find another person that you will love so much or have that person love you more than anything and everything. This is what love is really made of. Nobody can say any different because love is a feeling not a choice. When you find that one special person dont just let it go. And try loving someone else because it wont work. Love is in the Heart NOT THE BRAIN!!!!

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