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I am a mother at 42, who has two children with ADHd disorder and autism. A very challenging role in my life. I also was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and  Generalized anxiety disorder, that is uncontrollable. I had a panic attack several years ago, and fighting for disability, but got turned down 3 years ago. And I gave up trying. But I started a new application, but afraid they will turn me down again.My son age 8 was approved for his disability, because is disorder was severe, and his IQ score was 54 at the time. But I have a friend who keeps telling me to keep trying, and I might get it. I take Zyprexa for bipolar disorder, but it makes me worse and sleepy alot. I can't afford any other type of medication, because too high to afford and health insurance is no good. That's why I'm hoping for social security to come through, because they offer medicaid to pay for medicine, and doctor bills.

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