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Her Page Twenty-Three

(Dorman Part Three, paper edition ISBN 978-954-91614-5-8)

The following stories and poems, published on this site, and on poetrypoem.com/author909, come here:

In Reverse V.P.Toucheva  20.03.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union
Where Am I V.P.T. 24.03.2007
The City Leaders; The Portrait of the City Leader(a poem) V.P.T. 30.03.2007; A Full Moon(a poem) V.P.T. 1/2.04.2007
 A Panorama V.P.Toucheva  4.04.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union; A Panorama(a poem) V.P.T. 3/4.04.2007
Administration on Strike V.P.Toucheva  5.04.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria  European Union
A Ghost of Dashing Power V.P.Toucheva  6.04.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union
A Friendly Talk V.P.Toucheva  7.04.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria European Union
Together Forever Though Separated V.P.Toucheva  9-23.04.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union
A Game At Life V.P.Toucheva 24-25.04.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union
Campaigns V.P.Toucheva  26.04.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union
To The Galoshes V.P.Toucheva  30.04.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union
Watching and Observing V.P.Toucheva  1.05.2007 Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union
Splitting, Up  V.P.Toucheva  8.05.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union
Provoking, Provoked  Importance V.P.T. 12.05.2007(a poem) V.P.Toucheva  12.05.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union
The Country V.P.Toucheva  12-17.05.2007  Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union
Literary Will of V.P.Toucheva V.P.Toucheva 27.12.2004 Sofia(a poem)
A New Year Wish V.P.T. 29.12.2004(a poem)
New Year’s Splendours V.P.T. 1.01.2005(a poem)
A Present of Style V.P.T. 3.01.2005 (a poem)
Now V.P.T.  16.01.2005 (a poem)
Winter’s Mid-Season V.P.T. 30.01.2005 (a poem)
A Fiesta Carnival V.P.T.  5.02.2005 (a poem)
The Corner People V.P.T. 13.02.2005 (a poem)
A Soft Snow V.P.T.  6.03.2005 (a poem)
The Genius of Nature V.P.T.  11.03.2005 (a poem)
Demonstration V.P.T.  19.03.2005 (a poem)
A Concert V.P.T.  22.03.2005 (a poem)
Even When V.P.T. 23.03.2005 (a poem)
The Good Thing Is V.P.T. 25.03.2005 (a poem)
A Birthday Present V.P.T. 5.04.2005 (a poem)
What “Dorman” Is About Valentina Petrova Toucheva, Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union, 1992-2007


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