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Alternate Paths

Alternate Paths

Alternate Paths

Anabelle and Gabriel had had a huge romance that lasted for 2 years. This just an ordinary romance…You see, Gabriel was taken. He belonged to someone else. Anabelle was taken, as well, but her mind, body and soul was not in that relationship. She wasn’t complete. Love meant nothing to her….yet. The day she met Gabriel at school was ordinary. She had seen him before but hadn’t thought much of him. Little did she know what he would put her through…

Chapter 1
 “What do you mean?” “I’m tired of having to deal with another woman, Gabriel! I’m sorry but a person can simply not have 2 relationships. I know there’s no going back…” “You’ll miss me, and I’ll miss you. Don’t do this. It hurts both of us. You’ll regret it.” I know. It might take months, years, but I’ll get over you. I deserve better. I love you, I’ll always remember you. Goodbye.”
7 months later
“Just 2 more months”, Anabelle whispered to herself, all the while rubbing her oversized belly. She quickly smiled, seeing Erik walk into the room. She got up to go hug him. “Sit down! You shouldn’t be getting up too suddenly like that, dummy!” he exclaimed. She ignored him and gave him a peck on the cheek, appreciating his caring ways. He smiled and looked at her, extending his arm to rub her belly with his hand. “My baby boy…” he said to no one in particular, as if imagining what his son would look like. “You excited?” Erik asked Anabelle. “Nervous, actually…I just hope everything goes well.” “Baby, it will. If this kid had any Rossi genes in him, everything will be fine. Trust me.” He pulled her to him and held her, kissing her forehead. She hugged him tighter, taking in his scent. “Well come on, let’s go to bed; It’s late.” And with that, they went hand in hand to their bedroom and fell asleep, holding each other, but only one dreamt of the other…

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