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When a relatoinship is over,its natural to mourn the loss of expectation and the pain of separation.however,there comes a point at which its vital to let go of the past and open youself to new opportunities,if not,you will have yourself to blame.
Letting go of a relationship when is over is unbearable for some people,but in time,the feeling fade and one moves on with ones life.Few heartbroken singles meets new partnar and ends been together while to some accepeting a relationship is over is nearly impossible.

 ''An inability to let go of a relationship is all about a low self esteem"Says psychologist Jenni Avidon.Some people just won't let go even when the relationship is obviously over.
Self destructive,and even suicidal behaviours is very common in woman who can't let go Sandra a student said "I am not sure what happened to me after Chuks left me without a word or trace".
In an opinion sampled,It was discovered that most ladies can't let go,however some men are also found in the shoe. Bimbo's ex-guy got so obsessed with her that she had to relocate after their relationship ended.
  Behaviour like this indicate an obsessive compulsive disorder says Jenni. They are often so deluded that they belive if they just try long enought and love hard enough their beloved will return.
   Not all rejected woman go such extreem and obvious length, though many recedes into themselves and carry their misery with them eventually dooming all subsequent relationships by being unable to overcome the emotional burden they have accumulated from the past.
  Ultimately experts agree that the only way to let go and move on is by loving yourself enough to give yourself a second chance at happiness with someone new.

  so there you have it ladies if you are in an obsessive state,seal your mouth cut off all contact,let him go and free yourself at the same time.The only way to get over one man is to get under another.
                                                                          CONSTANCE  ADISHI

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