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Love:- The food for all relationships.
George, James and i have been friends for over five years, our friendship suffered many ups and downs, but we never broke up. We have had grudges with one another over significant and least important issues; our relationship grew stronger when we began to understand what it means to love. Today, we see one another as blood brothers.

Apart from frienship, many relationship, especially those between the two sexes, have ended abruptly due to the way the relationship was handled by the parties involved, as no relationship, either friends or couple will not last without the true understanding of love, and there can be no love without sacrifice and forgiveness. The Holy Bible emphasises that couples and friends must be ready to accept each otherís weakness without complaining. 1 Cor. 13:4-7 expantiates more on the true meaning of love which is expected to be exhibited by the parties in a relationship. God himself has been faithful in his love for human kind. He sacrificed his son, He has never failed in sending us rain and sun and God is ever ready to accept our appology when we beg for forgiveness. He does all because he wants to strenghtened  the relationship between him and the human beigns. As such there is need for us to love one another to make the world a better place to live in.

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