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I have always been interested in family history. I bought this packet of family archives called family Tree makers.I put in birthday, anniversaries. Evelyn my favorite Aunt was the family historian. When she moved into the retirement home I would go and visit her. I made it a point to at least once a month go and visit her. She would brag and say it is boring with all these old people. I have to jog in and out of walkers. She was in pretty good shape,but nearing ninety. We would talk and she would tell me family history.She would tell me stories of how my ancestors arrived in the Northwest. Fill me in on some dates. Tell me that as a writer of anyone I should someday do the family history.

She was so bright, so healthy and cheerful. I did not expect she would ever die and it was sudden. That message you always dread coming from her children, "Dandy, I am sorry to tell you this but Mom died last night. It was sudden and unexpected. She left a message for you to continue the family history for her. I expected somewhere in her will the family stories she showed me would come to me in her will. Last night I entered the family tree archives.I had never entered her death into my files. Above her name I saw a file reading genealogical. I pressed the button and her message for me was amazing. All the family history exploded on the page. Each name I punched in there was a background story.

Pages and pages each name I punch in of family history. All the stories she told me but now backed by facts. From the day my family landed in New York City. The day they moved west. All these years she has been the family historian. She willed it all to me to continue on. In memory of Aunt Evelyn, favorites you and me


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