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I leave this letter

I leave this letter to be found
As I was beckoned to an unsullied ground
Moved have I to an enhanced place
My demons gone, given up their chase

An opening you chose to give away
Possessions of notions required to say
To liberate your heart as with your soul
To release you from bitterness
That keeps your heart cold

Forgiveness now help me will not
Such a gift to me can never be brought
Before I passed on my sins I repent
For all times I gave pain and resent

Forgiveness of me will liberate you
Take time on hand, give this devil his due
Your chains of bondage held so dearly inside
Will only consume you till this life has expired

The burning of letters at a gravestone shown
Of paper to ashes into the wind blown
Words from the pen as written down
No release from your prison will yet to be found

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