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The EVIL Storm of Dogs... Everything gone wrong!
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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Storm of EVIL Dogs Everything Wrong! Alpha Rules the Forest

Lucky woke up in a damp cold room.
"where am i?" He whined, shaking the frost out of his fur, looking around.
Lucky realized he was in the battle of the Storm of Dogs. he must've fell-
Alpha padded toward him. His wolfish face made him freeze. he former Alpha launched at Lucky, while distracted.
Lucky managed to get out of his grasp.
Oh, River-Dog, Forest-dog, Moon-dog... Spirit Dog, help me!
Lucky whined, as his shadow loomed on him twice.
this can't happen...
Storm's scent was closer. O, Storm, help me! He tried to fight off Alpha... but it made things worse.

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