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Vassu... ! Please Call Me...! - 01

January 15, 2025 – Vijayawada
Srikar goes to bed at 10’O clock daily but today he is not getting sleep even its 1’O clock because … his thoughts are preoccupied with the message that he has received in the morning. When he has seen the message he loses his mind and gets some kind of excitement.
He has seen the sender’s name with lot of love that is “Vassu”.
Immediately his heartbeat increases.
He thought with a smile…
“My heart brightens hundred volts if it murmurs your name. What it becomes if it faces her you directly?”
The next day morning Srikar wakes up at 4’O clock and gets ready, he walks slowly and reaches Krishna Barrage. He sees the weather which is so pleasant with The Krishna River flows rhythmically in the frozen cold, at a distance Kanaka Durga temple, nearby hills that are arranged in a systematic manner.
Srikar walks towards nearby park and sits opposite to Krishnaveni statue.
The sun didn’t arise in the East. It takes one hour to dawn.
A person can’t run with time, never even can’t walk back, only can walk with time.
But we have to go back for one week.
First Day:
Morning at 4.55
Ramesh and Mahesh were going on jogging. They had been observing one thing for few days – “fifty years old person comes daily early in this frozen cold and checking his mobile for something with a smile”.
‘Why is he coming …? What is he checking in his mobile?’ – These were the unanswered questions in the mind of Mahesh.
He told this to Ramesh.
“Their happiness, their madness…he is a madman. Come…” said Ramesh without thinking.
“He is not mad… you didn’t observe him properly. He maintains perfect timings. Do you know that…?” asked Mahesh.
“So what …?”
“Nothing. I want to meet him once…” said Mahesh.
They went to that old man and wished him … “Good morning sir”.
He raised his head slowly and said “Very good morning boys”.
There was seriousness in his words, melody in his voice, and clarity in his pronunciation… more than these there was affection in his look.
Without any delay, he said, “Sir…May I know your good name please…I am Mahesh. He is Ramesh”.
“Srikar…” he said with nodding his head and also said “Some called me Radio Jockey Sridhar. I was worked as Radio Jockey in your childhood”.
“Sir…Are you Radio Jockey Sridhar..? We observe you daily sir. But we didn’t know who you are. My mother is a very big fan of you sir “
Srikar smiled.
“Sir, today we want to know about u. So…” Mahesh just paused for a minute.
“Zeal is so important for a man. Whether it is good or bad… if he gets the thought of knowing, he will come to know which is good and which is bad” said Srikar.
“Yes sir. You come early in the morning but you are not doing anything walking or jogging, simply sitting on bench and checking your mobile…goes with smile…want to know the reason…” stopped Ramesh.
He looked at them top to bottom at once and said, “One message will come to my cell phone…so”
“What will you receive sir?” both asked him curiously.
“Will receive means not already received. It has to receive. I am coming here to receive for that message only” said Srikar.
They were shocked. “What …sir …? Are you coming here, only to receive message? But you can have it anywhere else too” asked Ramesh Surprisingly.
“My friend will come here and meet me between 5 to 6 am. She will send a message to recognize her. We know each other only on phone…we never see each other. We are meeting for the first time” said Srikar with smile.
“Oh! ... So, you are coming and sitting early in the morning…” said with smile and he remember something and stopped suddenly, “Sir, you told me about today but we are asking you about daily” said Ramesh.
“I am also speaking about daily my boys”.
They were astonished for a minute.
“We are observing you for some days. You come daily. When will your friend asked you to come…?” asked Mahesh.
“You know only for few days…But I have been coming for twenty years” said Srikar.
Their minds were blocked.
“O my god! Have you been waiting for your friend for past twenty years…so you received that message twenty years ago…?”
“Yes, twenty years ago I received a message, after that I didn’t get any message till now. I have been waiting for that message only…” said Srikar.
They had gone mad.
A man’s twenty long years waiting for someone or something usually generates curiosity in everyone to know the story behind it.
The generated curiosity made them to ask his story.
“Ask him to why he has been waiting for such a long time”, Ramesh whispered to Mahesh.
Mahesh was about to ask… “She is my special friend, who brings spring into my life. She says that she will give an amazing gift.
“May we know about the gift, sir…” asked Ramesh curiously.
“She asks me to… ” just looked them with smile and shy.

( What she asked…? … next follows )

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