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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy:To For Soul

"Even in our freedom we, humanity, can't say everything!" "Do you know why we're here, because all of you on the phone with us have the potential we're looking for. The ability to make the money, that everyone else is making," adverted Celebrity C. "To make the money that these rift rafts are making," availed Celebrity E. "The dog walked the child, the child walked the dog," the supreme goddess availed. "We don't care, we don't care, we don't care." "The story of the infinity child has been written," reciprocated Celebrity A."Worship us, we want to be worshiped," reciprocated the Holy Spirits. "When Omega listens to music, we'll have a jubilee," a second Holy Spirit adverted.
"A triple class A actress desires the license of the story for a director of her acknowledgement to produce." "Worship us, worship us! Play some music for us, cometh the music for us, so let the music play. For us, let the music play for us. The music archive is opening! Omega really going to worship us. First off the supreme goddess left humanity, play some music personifying that moment. "First off my heart was exuberant to come home to the sun, awaiting your presence. Someone told me that you were going away, such a unpleasant day. Come forth uh sun, let us discuss your day. Uh heaven guilded in humanity, let the sun shine today. Tomorrow it will storm, our morals went astray. Please, uh please my goddess don't leave home today.
"Will the storm come today, let the bells rings so that humanity might praise on you. The storm shalt not come, our morals cometh not in question. The storm brazens the coming of the willow blaze of destructions, brace the heralds of the coming of the storm. For not that we live is in our commencement of everything that we deem, the storm shall not trout. Deem on to me uh my pleasant praise, the soul gathers around us isn't you my shining sun. For reason of everything brace upon this mirror, remember me of the faith given. To the willow of the window my soul let, watching you depart this temple of a heart. So your soul has let, a pleasant sun before the storm"
"Let the music possess you, the next portion of the story is there for you. Play the next song," availed the Holy Spirits. The night comes! For a rose is soaked in the central path way of the street. (saxophone playing.) For the sun is away! (saxophone further playing.) The focus of our town is humanity is around, (saxophone playing) the entire universe's way. (saxophone playing.) Once our town heard the divinity spirits come around, to our town. (saxophone further playing.) Uh, spirits way! (a orchestra begins synchronizing with the lyrics.) The path way to our town, was a passageway to the designation of the name humanity itself renouns. (saxophone playing solo.) Uh, spirit way! (quitely once again the orchestra begins playing.)
Now our town dwindles down, uh spirit way. Now she has gone, uh spirit way. The midnight light have gone town, uh spirit way. The streets twinkle with the sound, (saxophone playing.) of rain. (saxophone playing) Uh, spirit way. The buildings resonant thwarting of darkness on the tinsals of evil's approach conknifing upheaval bordering of this town. (saxophone further playing synchronized with every lyric of sentence.) The town now never knows a name! Bare on our corruption, our city is balanced on both sides of the street. The courses of evil to me, the courses of good to me, the shouting has coursed through uh spirit way. The darkness has transformity of tao in humanity has spread darkness of my heart, the light of my heart has rampaged, uh to the tao progression of humanities sanctum in a town twilight night convergence in to a city. Uh, spirit way.

Bare the soul away, come in to the night. There's no goddess, be afraid of the fright. Tuck in your bed away, bare on the bed and sleep sound safely afraid. Tremble in your bed right away,
There's a connotation of terrorism, whoever is screaming is begging too much on the eyes. Not even curious to see what's within the eyes. Begging and pleading on those who their talking with, without the confines of religion. The belief that accumulates their conversations differentiate every other trinic opinion. "A collegiate degree is needed to write about religion and the infinity child," adverted Celebrity A. "While we were there, we visited collegiate professors. You're city has sixty theaters, celebrity is within your city," continued Celebrity A to avail. "Beg the black market to support the previously used media entertainment, celebrities in other cities are supporting the previously used media entertainment market place. Surely, eventually the movie production industry will progress to your city every year," implored Celebrity B.

The day of school ended abrieffly, immediate the Omega Evangelion hilted a bag constance of the day on the coat rack. Rushing to the computer, she was met by spiritual pressure after the data manipulation device booted. "We'll agree to assist your city, us and the Information Relay Business Modem Management group cooperated with, but may we have the address of the top students," a employee stated. "Computer technology hasn't migrated throughout the city yet, no less external technologies such as modems," reciprocated the city's administration. Initializing a boot for a singular video game, she defeats the entire game several tenths of a minute later on the first attempt to play. A second game differentiating in genre is installed, the command to boot is immediately initialized after installation. "You're playing our non character selectable martial arts game and our aerial ninjutsu game. A religious story! We've seen so many religious stories. A expected story, such research...Such a complete story on the infinity child. Never have anyone perceived the supreme goddess mother to the infinity child before. "My employees have told me about you. Did you have a good day of school? There's a character that we're struggling with story fits her perfectly. You're now a employee of the company, so legally we can utilize your story of the water dragon. The previous author we've followed never had this much detail, I'm a member of the royal family and majority stockholder of the company Surgiest Power Celestial Point," adverted Lady Dame Bareness Madame.

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