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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders


Today is the annual auction. Granddaughter worked for "Make a Wish!". A program that finds donors, Usually someone famous to make a wish for a dying Child Cancer patient. She has moved on but her concerns have not. Her concerns are my concerns. So this evening at a dinner I well bid on something. It is charity is it not?

I was recently a poet on poetry I have without warning been blocked off and my poetry locked. First attack was saying I was writing poetry offensive to children. Anyone who had read my poetry knows that is a lie. I do not write made up love poetry to pictures of someone else' s wife or girlfriend. I am more into saving humans than Starfish or seals. The people I love and care about are real. Children dying of Cancer are real. My Mother another writing on this site died of Cancer. I have had two prostate operations for Cancer. I know about the evils of Cancer. I well be at the auction tonight with friends. We well all donate something. Cancer is an evil disease that need to be cured.

My wonder is well any of those who block me off for being child unfriendly be there. Or well they be raising money for the Patron site. I would have payed my dues but not after the way I have been treated./dandy.

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