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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

The Real Score of the Cielo Brief Affair

Cillygirl and her comrades thought that I am a kiss-and-tell person when in fact it is the other way around. It started when she invited me to her network of friends revealing that I was a heavenly gift because I accepted her friendship on her 24th birthday. She then e-mailed me that I am a someone she can't afford to lose. All of these notes are still stored in my FFF inbox.

She divulged that despite her hectic schedule, she managed to visit my poetry site daily and got jealous of my special woman who I dedicated most of my poems. She kept on asking herself, why in the world couldn't I appreciate her beauty wherein a lot of people admired her. I said I did appreciate her good looks and intelligence but jokingly added I'm too old for her. When she answered back that age doesn't matter then that's the start of our brief encounter.

Exchanged of daily e-mails, e-cards and special pages followed and we called each other sweetheart, sweetie, hon, babes, love. We were able to talk on the phone once for two hours and it ended when her cellphone ran out of battery. Then she went to Manila for a two-day weekend seminar.

At the time she and I were flirting, my eyes were already set to Vivian thereby I wrote a testimonial which she then approved and made visible to whoever will view her profile. The testimonial was my way of courting my apple of the eyes but Samantha told cillygirl that I was two-timing. Coupled by the advice query posted by jeanlion39 and Asian_wanderer about me plus my testimonial to Vivian, cillygirl begged to let go of her. She told me she couldn't stand her rivals and was a coward to face the pressures of being my girlfriend.

She sent me a note pleading not to post any poem or article with her handle so she could have a graceful exit. I listened. But after a few days, she posted SACRIFICE disclosing that she couldn't stand by me because she is scared to lose her job as an HR supervisor, that the company she's working for doesn't allow bisexuality and female-to-female affair. But these were all white lies as disclosed by her friends.

Out of my knowledge, she was bombarded by hate e-mails and she got back at me by leaving hate messages to my poetry site. She used the handle ihatelesbos to take revenge and she admitted it to my close buddy, Jester of Ottawa.

She told her friends and to my close internet pal a very different scenario of how we became lovers fabricating stories which was a discernible lie as detected by Jester himself, a law student and a legal assistant. Cillygirl had a lot of flaws and she failed to master the art of deception being a psychology graduate. She is very much willing to do anything as part of sour graping.

She said she's hurt that I wasn't able to defend her from her attackers of which I was no knowledge at that juncture. Why asked me to do that when she never stood by me and instead, tried to injure my heart? Besides, she was not worth the trouble. It's good, Vivian never left me behind so I moved on in less than 24 hours, believe it or not.

On the other hand, Vivian and I are extremely in love with each other and very gratified at the way we show how much we care for one another. As long as we have this unique and strong bond, I don't care anymore if cillygirl and cohorts will do in their best capacity to ruin my credibility as a person or as a journalist. Anyway, no one can put a good man down even in life or after death. Besides, she is only a thing of the past to be put into oblivion like a worthless piece of garbage.

- SALLIE/Toronto/082104

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