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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

A visit to the growth point.

One sunny Sunday,my two friends came to coax me to go to the growth point.
They told me we were going to dance and enjoy ourselves.Curiosity filled me,so i agreed.
And i had to get ready.We boarded a bus to our visit.The ride was so fascinating,especially peeping through the wide windows.At once i met a young duiker browse peacefully in the lonely lands.Before we knew it our bus stopped to allow us out,just next to the store pavements.They stood a lane away.Suddenly one of my friends noticed a fruit vendor promptly before his last bunch of grapes sold out.It cost him half our busfare money.We all enjoyed them as they quenched us of our thirst.I mumbled to our savings in fascination of how bitterest it could be,walking a two kilometres' distance back home.My second friend saw it imaginable.He proposed we try it out and bring a huge birthday cake for our teacher,the following day.It was a Thursday.I found it insightful,inciting that i was going to pay the bus fare for the three of us.I had saved money from my previous visit to the growth point with my parents.The people at the bakery were friendly and generous with their time.They filled the three of us with patience choosing the best cake.We grew confident that our class teacher will find it amusing.We continued throughout the rest of our escapades around the shopping areas with a moderate form of heroism.I always thought of it as wisdom.The sun was setting softly in the backdrop of our shadows, Reminding us of the prime sched

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