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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

The Suitcases

I would make a list so that I could check off. It was my way of not forgetting to pack things I needed for my trip. Your list was always in your head. I remember hearing you say the last time you packed that as you grow older, the more you had to pack.
I can see us going down to the basement to bring up our suitcases.
You would place your suitcase on your side of the bed.
I would place my suitcase on my side of the bed.
I would pack a little then go on to do something else.
You, once you started packing you continued to pack except for last minute packing.
You were always excited and ready for your trip.
Speaking of suitcases, you will never pack a suitcase again.
Soon I will place my suitcase on my side of the bed and pack for travel.
I miss you being with me when I go on a trip. You were my traveling partner, we would talk, laugh, relax, and enjoy our trip.
After the last trip we took, we noticed that your suitcase was beginning to show signs of needing a replacement. A new suitcase for you was on the agenda.
Little did we know that you would never pack another suitcase for anymore trips.
Some time after you passed I was in the store looking at suitcases.
I said to myself that I'd buy myself a new suitcase. For some reason my old suitcase had simply served its purpose. I have been on trips with the new suitcase I purchased that day.
The new suitcase that I have has a hard exterior, it seems too large.
I started thinking that it is time for a new suitcase again.
I felt that I needed a suitcase with a lighter exterior, something smaller a change. I felt that I need to travel as light as I can now. I cannot carry the heavier weight. Everything in my entire life needs to be lighter. I have been carrying a very heavy load.
When I go on a trip soon I will come back home and place that suitcase on my side of the bed and unpack.

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