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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

The Outbreak

Chapter 1:
It’s been 3 months since the outbreak. Most my family and friends are gone, lost, dead. I’m running low on food and water. It would be a sacrifice to go out by myself to find some, I need company, weapons!
I decided to go out and hunt for some food and water. I started at the nearest weather spoons whilst looking through the kitchen area for supplies I heard a crash from the bar area with great hesitance I decided to go and investigate. I very carefully pear around the corner to see a ghostly figure standing at one of the pumps behind the bar. Like my mum always said if you need your dad and don’t know where he is start at the pub. And true to her word there he was.

“Dad?... Dad, is that you?” I asked
“Samantha? Cause it is, who else would be at the bar at 2 in the morning smashing a vombie in the head with a giant savloy whilst not spilling a drop of his beer.” I jumped at my dad with open arms. After a minute or two I looked at my dad and said what’s a vombie he starts to explain, when out of know where, a zombie jumped over the bar and grabbed my dad. He struggled for a moment and then the zombie punched my dad in the stomach this made my dad projectile vomit all over the zombie. When my dad composed, himself he grabbed the zombie and through him through a fruit machine the zombie was frying this was coursed from a combination of the electricity and the vomit that’s when dad shouts “NOW THAT’S HOW YOU MAKE A VOMBIE”
“Dad, sometimes I just don’t get you.”

Smash! The front window broke into tiny glass shards, before I knew it my mum jumped through the window and started screaming
“Shaun! You’re always at the pub, put the beer down!” So that’s what he did, but when he did that, he picked up the fosters pump and put in his mouth, with his other hand he pushed down the top and started to drink the beer out of the pump.
Peering behind my mum was my little brother. He ran straight to my dad picked up the coke pump and copied him. Me and my mum both turned to each other and said
“Like Farther, Like son.”
Me, my mum (Liz) and my younger brother (Blake) Had to drag my dad out of the Weatherspoon’s. When my dad finally became Sober we went out to find some place to settle. We came across a hotel, which looked fortified. We chose to settle there for a few days. Those days turned into weeks, which turned into months. Until, we were raided by a group of people, they stole all our resources, they left us with a can of food, I went to look if it was enough, (which it wasn’t). To my surprise, they left us with a can of dog food. Which attracted my family’s pet dog Yogi.

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