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Crush <3

I sit across from him in class. All I can see is his soft silky chocolate hair, his eyes are as green as emeralds, his smile melts my heart whenever I see it. He is ultimately the best, kindest, sweetest, cutest, most loving person I have ever met. Every time I hear his jokes I canít stop laughing. I get butterflies whenever I see him. Iím falling for him and quick. I love him, butÖ he doesnít love me. I donít how he could he possible love me, if I donít love myself. Heís funnyÖ Iím not, Heís smartÖ Iím not, Heís cute and me Iím just Ugly.
I sit at the back of the class always silent, know-one really likes me. I put my head in my hands, my long blond hair dangles at the side of me. During class I hear people talking shit about me. I listen and just let the truth sink in. My eyes start to water. Not now, why now! I run out of class just before my eyes become a waterfall. I head to the girlís bathroom and just sit there until the bell rings. I canít do anything about it, but I want to. I get up and leave. I head for the canteen but thereís a group of girls blocking the hall. I donít want to go through them, but I canít get around. Iím guessing they saw me because they came over.
ďHey! Weirdo why are you staring at us?Ē I just stand there, staring, I canít move.

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