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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

A paid price for your children

Towo was a great farmer in a far town in Africa, he moves what he does even though it can't fetch more money for the welfare of his family but he always try to be a good husband and father to his little family.
One day, he told his family that he has to go into the wood so he can look for food that he will be back soon, he left immediately, he search everywhere for food and even animals but none he sighted none,he was so angry but he had no option than to continue his journey, he search and search and search until he run out of food, now he's so hungry but still he keep on moving hoping to find a stream where he can get water at least not food now, he couldn't find any.
On the third day of searching with an empty stomach, he came across a very tiny road covered with tall trees that shut the sky, he was marvelled, he couldn't help but stir he quickly move towards the path, he walked abit down then he suddenly came across a very big land that looks like that of a field in the countryside, then he looks toward him and saw a sign board which indicate that food here is free, you ancestors have paid, he was surprise at what he saw, he walk according to the arrow that the signboard indicate soon he gets to a compound where everybody in there were busy making mouth happiness, he was stunned he stood there for some minute then he saw two ladies approaching,one of a them serve him a cup of juice and he finish it in no time, he was very happy, they direct him to one room and ask him what he would like to eat, he said anything that will fill him or rather anything they have, they quickly rush in with a mountain of pounded yam with all sort of bush meat, and drinks, he finish it all, then he ask again "you said everything I eat here is free that it has been paid for by my ancestors?" And they both said "yes", he was so happy that he slept for some minute and when he finally wake up, he was siprise to see the ladies still standing as if he had not sleep for too long, then he set to leave and also he ask if he could go home with some food and they gave him as much as his bag could carry, just as he set to leave, then he heard a voice like that of omnipresent that got all over the room and the voice said, "sir you have not pay", he was very angry hearing this voice and he said, " is this some kind of joke, but it was written that any food I eat here has been paid by my ancestors, then what happen again? " then the voice told him"yes ofcorse it has been paid by your ancestors just so that you can eat and be satisfy, so you too have to pay so that your own children too can also eat from it one day.
The end.

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