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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders


This was a story written in 9th grade for an assignment.

Walk. Listen. Walk. Eat snack. Walk. All that it took was a simple trip to the supermarket. Now look at me. I’m on the run for something I didn’t even do. Who was that guy? My mind wandered to just 3 hours ago, when I was in my universe’s grocery store.
I don’t have a car, so I walked the half a mile to the store then looked for a week’s worth of food. I grabbed my items, walked to the cashier, and paid for the items. I opened the door as
I and was immediately hit with a gust of cold air. I fell back on nothing and looked behind to see the store was gone. Everything was dark. I gulped and looked at what appeared to be a portal. It looked like the kind you’d see in a movie, except this time, it was real. Something came out of it and grabbed me. In the little light there was, I wasn’t sure, but thought I was seeing myself, except for the fact that he was missing an eye. With a heave he threw me into the portal.
It wasn’t like my body was tearing apart or anything. My face was on the ground so I picked myself up only to see a futuristic-kind of world where everyone was pointing something at me. What I think are cops were pointing shotguns at me while an elderly man was pointing a cane towards where the portal must have been. I looked behind to see that the store was gone. It was just an empty space filled with grass. Like nothing had ever been there.
“Freeze!” One cop with a megaphone yelled. I raised my arms, confused, but not willing to risk anything. Another cop ran behind me and put me in mega-sized cuff that was surprisingly light. He started walking me to the cop car when we heard an explosion.
“Your gang is here.” the cop muttered. I looked up and the smoking building and saw 4 figures, each looking threatening. I looked a little closer and was pretty sure I was looking at a video game character. 4 of them, to be exact. Batman, Spiderman, Master Chief, and a guy from Planetside 2. All 4 were engaged in fighting, but kept staring at me. I was abruptly shoved into the car as the cop jumped into the driver’s seat. “If you’re not with them, you’re much less of a threat.” Threat? Me? The guy who refuses to drive because he’s too scared to go faster than 20?
“I-I’m sure there’s some mistake. I can’t threaten anyone. It’s too scary. I get scared swatting at flies.” I was trying not to stutter as the words found their way out of my mouth.
“Really? You? Not threatening? You burned a village down simply because the grocery store cashier refused to give you your change.” I gulped.
“Was anyone in the village?” I asked hopefully.
“You tell me. There were 10 families in the village. 3 of them lost their lives and the rest lost their homes. It didn’t help that all the houses were made of straw.” I leaned back in my seat.
“What’s my name?”
The cop laughed. “Jonathan Cash” I slumped in my seat. Me? How was this possible.
“What year is it?”
“2020. What’s with the questions? You’re going to jail for a very long time. Deal with it. You’ve done a lot of bad stuff.” This is-bad. I told myself. Apparently here-wherever here is-I’m some madman. I kill people over lost change and am a criminal.
The car came to a sudden stop. The momentum sent me crashing into the seat in front of me. The cop was trying to find a gun when all the glass in the car broke. A mechanical hand grabbed me and threw me out of the car. With the impact, the cuffs broke and I jumped out and started to run. Behind me, I heard the cop’s screams and the explosion of a car. I shuddered as I kept moving. I remembered about the edible thing that my mom calls granola bar and what I call pig droplets. I ate it and continued to run. Considering the fact that I’m a terrible runner, I think fear made me run much farther than I usually do before I collapsed in order to catch my breath.
“There you are.” I jumped back to see all four characters.
“I’m not Jonathan! I mean, I’m not the Jonathan that’s part of your gang!” I started to cry hysterically.
“Don’t worry. We know you’re not the Jonathan we’re looking for.” Batman seemed to smile.
“We took you and brought you here and sent our Jonathan to your universe.” PS2 said.
“Why?” What did they accomplish by doing this?
“Right. You don’t know.” Spiderman started to tell their story. “Short version. Us 4 and Jonathan were hired to save the world. Jonathan-he was like this even before but we thought it was just for show- turned mad and started going on a rampage. No one was safe so we built a portal to send him out of our universe. Since only one copy of someone can exist in a universe at a single time, we arranged for you to get thrown into our universe and at the same time got our Jonathan out of here.”
“And now, your Jonathan is probably really angry, right?” I think I was getting the hang of all of this.
“Yep. He has the shortest temper in the world. It’s really easy to get him ” Spiderman’s lips seemed to curve upwards.
“And he’s probably on a trail of destruction, right? Or at least, that’s how the cop was describing my-his past time.” I started to think about all the innocent people in my universe having to be hurt by me. Or at least, other me.
“Guys.” Realization sunk in as PS2 put his hands on his face. “We need to bring him back.”
“Why?” Master Chief demanded. “Our universe has suffered enough with him. Our people need a respite.”
“But,” Batman began,”we’re the only people who know how to deal with him. We need to bring him back. It’s our only option.”
“Ok, so since we know what to do, why don’t we just do it?” I wasn’t understanding why it was so hard to go and kick my butt. I mean my other butt.
“It’s not very easy to use teleporters.” Batman began.
“Then how did you teleport me?” I demanded.
“We used a lot of energy. Um, we had to use our Jonathan as an energy source.” Batman answered. Me? An energy source?
“How could I be an energy source? Don’t you need electricity?”
“Long story. You’re an energy source in our universe.” Batman cut the conversation. PS2 pressed a button on his arm and a weird plane showed itself above us. It levitated us into the storage part and a weird head popped out of nowhere.
“I am LANOS, the Lightspeed Astronomical Navigation Operating System.” The masculine voice said cheerfully.
“Bring us to the teleporter in SF.” Spider-man plugged a usb into his web shooter. “And break the sound barrier, please.”
“All right.” LANOS’s head disappeared and I was promptly guided to a seat. I put the buckle on and waited for the big shiny head to do some calculations as I listened to elevator music. “We’re ready, sirs.”
“Hit it.” Spider-man settled down in his seat and nodded. Within 3 seconds, my body started shaking rapidly as we started to break the sound barrier. I heard a loud bang, but was surprised to see that no glass or anything broke.
“If you’re wondering, our Jonathan designed it to withstand most stuff.” Master Chief looked straight ahead. “He designed it to withstand even him.” So this Jonathan is a genius at building stuff who is also a psychopath who likes to kill people. Great.
I looked down from my window seat to see large craters everywhere except in a city. I checked the display map to learn it was Cupertino, the very town I came from. I tapped what used to be Chicago to find a North Korean nuclear missle anniliated it. After doing a little bit of Johnying (Their Jonathan loved branding stuff with his name. He replaced with and learned their Jonathan destroyed the North Korean missle system right after assassinating Kim Jong Un, but not in time to stop the Chicago missle. Wow.
As I was bored, I wanted to see how alike the two of us were both metally and physically. LANOS thought he recognized me and let me into the other Jonathan’s medical records. Physically, he was stronger but had some of the same problems I do. What I found interesting was most stuff was the same between us mentally but he also had PTSD which he said stemmed from Mission North Korea, whatever that was. Whatever password I tried using to access the file failed, and the other guys didn’t seem to know what the other Jonathan could possibly have kept from the mission.
2 minutes later, we reached our destination, which was a small cave under the San Francisco side of the Golden Gate Bridge. All of us walked to a giant, metallic circle surrounded by a lot of wires. Batman started to turn everything on while PS2 made sure nothing was rigged to blow up.
“All right. I think this is it. Our Jonathan left enough energy just in case we needed to reverse something. Sorry, Jonathan, for everything you and your universe had to deal with as we tried to get rid of our Jonathan.” PS2 extended a hand to me. I shook it.
Batman turned it on and we waited for the portal to turn full size. About two minutes later, I was ready to jump in. I turned back to see the 4 characters. In my universe, they were video games and comic books. In this universe, they were real-life super heroes. I turned around and got ready to jump in when I saw an all too familiar face.

Moral: PTSD should be treated as soon as possible.

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