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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Not Now

We've been playing this guessing game for a while now and wondering about IT, or maybe it's just me
I am so curious to feel your heavy between my Rolling Hills, your hands cupping my neck, your lips on my breast, your breath on my wet, wet, wet.
I feel safe and secure, but yet my heart beat so fast with fear that I may just enjoy this ugly inside of me.
The thought of reaching the mountain peak enjoying the wind in my hair, holding this Victory flag of a pinnacle moment that had only been reached but once.
Closing my eyes to see the touch of your embrace heavy on my skin, breath on my cheeks, lips, tongue and legs sends thirsty chills down my collarbone.
Way~way~away into an unknown that I've been afraid to unlock but want to awaken it.
All around me is noise!
All I see is chaos!
All I feel is nothing!
But when I punch in the clock before the Sun tells the Moon good night and the Moon kisses the Sun on the cheek and whispers good morning beautiful, that's when my eyes speak brightly and my body quivers to your Vibe.
Am I safe?
Can I let the guard down?
Can I say, Okay let's do this without the necklace of choking guilt hanging in front of me with, 'What have I done',effect.
Well now,let's do it now, let's be now and don't look back, now to the what if I/we should'a,could'a,would'a, known not to do it again or not.
No worry?
Why worry?
Before like he,she and it to them?
Can't say yes now.
Won't say no yet.
Maybe,just wait a while?
Oh boy I like
It the way it is every Today.
No change,let's change the place we explored privately in each other's eyes and let us share in the secrets of our smiles.
So when baby?
Just. Not. Now

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