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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

He Comes To Me

He comes to me at night
He tells me that he loves me and I shouldn't be afraid
He tells me that he does these things for me because he has no choice
I can still hear his voice in my head sometimes and feel his breath on my face
He says he can't help the way he feels about me and I should be happy because no other would understand this
he say or ever go as far out of the way for me that he do is it really true
He comes to me at night when the world is sleeping and peace is far from me to flee to breathe easy steady and free
He comes to me with out an invitation
No greeting
No salutation and I wonder in my mind why he loves me this way to give himself to me all the time every way
He comes to me
He comes to me
He's coming for me now
Fear God
I asked you to watch over me last night because I knew it would happen again it's always the same you know when Mom is not at home
He tells me because my real daddy wasn't around when I was a baby he didn't love me like he do
He tells me that that's why mama loves him because he loves on me like he do
Dear God
I needed you to watch over me last night because I knew he'd come into my room and get on top of me and do his business it hurts my precious flower it hurts like hell and that's when I yell and tell him to stop
He don't stop he puts it all the way in and I scream out loud and when he's done he taste me with his tongue and laugh and say I liked it because he did
I told him I'm just a kid I don't understand what I did you should know better you a grown ass man
Dear God
I pleaded that you'd watch over me last night because I'm tired of Uncle Beau coming through my door every night raping me and disgracing me and telling me to bow down on his throne when my mama not at home
Now he's doing it in the daytime too when I get home from school cuz Mama got a part-time job at the dollar store
He tells me that he got to have me all the time because I got a big ass behind and it make him horny
Lord what does this mean what's going to happen to me hear me God I'm only 13
Dear God oh God
I beg you to watch over me last night I knew he's gonna try it again tonight cuz he's coming home from the strip club drunk and he's gonna to want to do that stuff Dear God I need you to hear me
God do you hear me
This has to stop I can't take it anymore this has to end for me with him I've been praying every night and every day I'm not going to let this pass he's gonna to have to pay
Oh God
You must have heard my prayer tonight yeah I'm sure I heard you right
It's done
You did tell me to get my daddy's old gun blow his dick off right
Well if that wasn't you
Someone told me to
Now that felt good
Look at him
Down on his hands and knees now he's begging me
Now he can't do that to me no more
Thank you for setting me free

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