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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Last Memory

Should I cry or should I rejoice at how life is right now

Can't say it's been no crystal stair has it always been perfect that's just how life is it just is

Closing my eyes to a pleasant place oh how sweet your voice sounds ringing in my ear

Reminded of a song playing on the radio that once was ours now it's somebody else's song

A smile grows big and wide on my face because I remembered how we'd dance to the music and we'd make love like crazy you know it meant something then

Standing in the doorway behind the screen while the wind blows through those tiny holes since chills all over me quivering

I remembered how you'd stand behind me holding me in your arms wrapped tight around my waist pulling my closer and closer to your face

Now cheek to cheek humming a tune that you carried around in your head all day just to remember what the words were at that very moment

Seems like yesterday but it's more like a dozen years ago

It was magic what we were to each other love sick kids all out of control just the mention of a name lovesick crazy flames burning a hole in your drawers we had to take them off

Couldn't contain our emotions just let them flow where ever we were

Carefree and in love the combination just clicked when we first met I just played hard to get you know

And when you got you didn't let it go

Until darkness covered our entire atmosphere without any warning it just happened

An unexplained force took control of our dreamy flow I didn't see it until it was too late for you

I thought if I ignored it it would go away I thought as long as I'm here loving him giving to him wanting him all that would disappear it didn't it got stronger and would not die

We had a family now I said we've got a family now we're supposed to be happy enjoying world at its best and it was that it seem that the best was the worst that the world was giving us up

What happened did we read the situation upside down even a fool could write this one up as miscellaneous

Now you're there and I'm still here and life has moved for me

Yeah I'm happy again and I have life back again and I have a new baby love child #2 she strong smart and beautiful just like we were once upon a time

That wasn't meant for us to to be together now just then

With only a connection that will last forever until we die

Just ask Cameron

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