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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders


I had my suspicions about you before we even met they were all wrong

Instead of meeting this image I had envisioned before even seeing you I was interrupted with the tall dark and handsome you that took my breath away

I was overwhelmed with your god-given romantic animalistic sense of knowing what I needed to make me feel like the only woman in the world could ever experience the uncensorship erotica you bring out in me

Univision of laughter stability and love a caring so ready to release itself into my hands and we are just one one day take flight we all are responsibilities carefully tucked underneath our wings as we fly away to Paradise

Is it the way we met the coincidence of match meant to be

I can't say but I am sure our hearts instantly knew this long kept secret before we ever did

So long have I wanted someone to sweep me off my feet someone to love every part of me and not expect me to just throw my identity away and come in as second best

To immigrate and to be reborn in an instant to eviscerate to new surroundings and depend on wisdoms that have never been in submission until New Creations formed itself into now future and forever

New sites in children's eyes a different scenery of Broad River to cross with new challenges to never been before seized until now

And I or have I gotten in over my head too fast too soon

Some days I agree other days I'm on so many Cloud 9 that the thought leaves my mind without Carefree gestures with a Carefree gesture that in the Creator's eyes all is well I had my suspicions about you

I'm glad that they were

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