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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix envy - there was there 1986

Rise for the admiralty of to which there's a rising, to the stillness of the housing: There is a clarity for a raising, to the functionality of a rising. A apron to which it is derived is a explanatory of functionality to a rise, avonica is a tinisil for rise. The rising is Amon to which it is rising, to temperance of a rise: Perch tense of a rise eteranera is the Constitution parallel between a rising and a raising, rising is adjournment to the distinction of a rising, the factualization is blaring of a rise.

Rise, upon the set of the sun: The tempest aspiration illuminates cosmic dust allusion distillates cherry blossoms flaring past pasture, personifying the building materials of creation: atoms!

Rise, beset upon beseech: Rising within there's renown to which is known yet unbeknownst, there's wilderness upon the set clave surrounding. A airess crevasse rising describing the surrounding, the pulsiating hearth perpetually iterating: There's acknowledgement of the environment to beseech, a vitality illuminating illumination. Rise to which is beset for the Kindle of light touches the central star of the universe: The accumulative knowledge lair parallel between it is to the resolution of knowledge kindering bridle is the rising aerament conclusion of particles raising it is to distinct or rather distinction is rational inclinating perpetually to beseech is to befuddle the curiosity of the ordainment of God, to which all things rises.

Rise upon set, there is nothing: For the bridle pivotalation within the personified bloom of flowers. Upon no dilation of a reaching dissertation underlaying, for the bounds hemis a boundary: Steeming not of creation or within the bounds videlicet to object reality, for the realization yet doesn't precede existence. Neither is set, the existence of nigh is within that benign is everything: For the forata wake is upon the everest baring the impending. For which there is a pivotatation of a figurative heiress, upon the fragmentation prescribing what is existence: for the array assailing a rise to which there isn't difference to the stows forebarence upon. Setting preparation for a rise, yet firm is the stows of nigh: Yet to the befilded art clave for which there is differentation that their is limitless, for which the tense is a tendency upon the nigh that is met and a blare of nothing. If there is befilded to a pretentious for the endization, for the bloom of flowers has yet to set. Nigh is neither for the pretentious of existence. paradigm parallel A aspect upon the sacred rise yet furnace is upon the precipitation indelible within the concept yet has been created, for which the turn is a figurative iteration of cherry blossoms: The transit

Rise, for the congregation of a extraordinary mechanism of creation pares out of the purity defining to the perclurate parallel paradox reflective to the rising Perch to the beginning of the universe: A rising descriptive connotation where as a fathoms to begin is a phantom what the beginning is, to it's mighty inaugural primiscences a sculpt parrying a metaphor of glass. To which there's allusion of imagery, gathering to which stern is connotative to a rise: Within the mist of a piercing elaboration, there's a raising. Setting the pinostaval for the founding material to create, the concoction is the rising God!

Upon the rise of a sacred star, the warmth of the central star congregating the universe is embridling movement: upon the sacred sand parrying within the horizon which is the visualization seen is a bandaged rise against the cosmic dust personifying the sand. Upon the landscape, the sun pares illumination: tinsil to the migration paring the pasture. Loft of clothing warries only figurative and literal bandages yet everything is covered, yet everything about the sand ponders creation. Adversary to the settling, the sun pairs the set horizon settling the hearth: The seasons tempest set upon the migration. Pare not of the Haven still, beaconing of illumination: The water is dried and still, upon the focus tenure pasture. Should not thou faith bedow onto the wary watch of the sun: set upon the purification of water, dripping tears.

Rise upon the dawn, for which precedes a raising onto the pasture: Gazing the horizon which touts destination, the star of creation raising the possibility of a star to the north and a star iterating the passage or a path connotation south.

Rise not on the dawn of creation, for their are twin star: The sun and the horizon! For the duration is upon the pasture, the set is upon the sun, the creation of stars and duration of the hearth: migration is a climb over a hill. Parry phantoms armor upon the shins and wings, for ought thou carry adversary against the sand: wary of the accumulated approach, for which the sand is aware. Deem not of its creation, for which it seems to be credence upon the Merritt of land: forth which cosmic dust credition.

Rise onto the Ascending apparitions of the assailing summit, to which destination is the credence of sand: To which it's Providence is the set clave of star sapphire rising to it's adversary to Platinum sapphire arising to the set beginning of the horizon. Stuff stuff To which it's purpose hampering a stance of the rising summit of migrating: Of the postulation of a stance upon the rising summit, there's credence to which it's purpose hampering a parallel between the forebarence ascending temperance lairing the star consequencing birth and the lariation circumference parrying destinations dissension: Of the laring star's starling the skies paring each is a conjunction illuminating the creation of the horizon. To which there's a rise, upon the dust gusting on the raising pivotatation from a stance destinating transference: Pulsing the temperance dilating from embryo to birth, inclinating a young adult has risen. The bud connoterrates the inaugurated horizon, forth which fathoms migrating is for the prescriptive adherence accumulating the sun: Forth is the pasture of the land prevailing the particles of sand acclimate to cosmic dust

To a summit of our horizon, given nothing to our destination, if nothing serves to the stars, the sun's binding the hemisphere sides of the universe and the mourning everyday is taken, there is a third book aspeaking of our words. Should our words speak of nothing else, let it be on the skull given likiness to God and the apparence of humanity. For God is a figurative literation of a star, tense, tensing of the dialect bequeathed yet it isn't a migration of the omnient beside a separating barder (dictionary) of those who speak. Even if it's only one, one is a omen for the scenarios that came, the scenarios are persisting yet are the suggested chorography of the future and the scenarios to come for the Haven is the past, present,and future. Let our words be spoken in a dance, the omen is upon our sovereignty: it builds such as a communion of a blaze flaming light suggesting transference into a city. the dance, the star is brightening upon a God. Yet belittle upon thy conception the omen

Rise, within the substantiation prey lube to a rise: For which it is a abstract Baring credence in-between, for the mere fondle does not description. The foundation bares the manners building, combinating

Haven precedes before the differentiating in-between, a angel precedes in front of me: vast is the set upon the horizon, wary onto the streets coursing the mass parallel perpetuating Ascension yet differentiating - to which Ascension is given thwarting the sky and hemisphere, gust is the tense of past tense assailing that it is to thwart such that is the beginning or exists at the presence.

Do not assail past tense for the horizon is past to me, no further is my enlightenment: To which dwindles the wings into flapping, the horizon is within a gaze. For not is known: Is a dance upon a omen, ought such Angelique. the gears of praise is to god: Who will you dare towards, phenomenon is the resounding voice hundred upon a singular bell impossible to be corrupted by sin. Shall that voice be a fork, iterating the loyal written in a book: Which may know the name of God or maybe it's daughter.

This is bad comedy, there was there were: Finished watching robot live action movie, within sensations what do you think? It was based on a television episode: Within sensations, don't we have dinosaurs in our story? It was based on a episode where the tyrannosaur Rex had a bow tie, I would like to see the dinosaurs spar with the reimagined enormous dinosaur.

She's going to have some fun, the writer's attempting to figure out how to add comedy: Yet remain separate from the perspective realm, are we walking the plain a little? Nope! Did it cause K.K.Hulett to be anticipatingly pounced by Elitiana and Solus? The humor amounts: Hey, it's There Was There Were - we're a little bit freer with expressions. Within song, we're wild: Free spirited yet clean, a purity, within our absolutions. Our judgments profound within a conservative nature, everseen VampZenith dress that is not conservative: The might of a dragon, the eyes sought distinction of a wary adherence to which it may endeavor the blooming of cherry blossoms leaves.

The lessons before hence gives no comfound dawery parrying rise ascension

There shall be no action feeding that that hasn't been created, it is with the nigh that actions are bequeathed. Give into a omen of the last because it is the first: within a dance, if first sight of the beginning there is nothing, so at least salvation shall last. For the destination before shall never be, forth now has risen: the nigh is full burning with crystalais. The first dance is enveloping, the nigh is the tempness for the first dance.

Within the rise everything had been given, the set is upon the shadows willow upon the assertions to clamination of a pathlet instructing into the Jade, if a shard should blare within the limitless of interaction such required by object reality and should the blare be realized, endeavor upon reproach. Cast thou doubt, the forager strays your temple to newiness: Yet the deeds of civilizations intentions beakon. Upon the adapture of apprehension, rear though rise upon the temperance tempest: Rear the temperance tempest into newiness, for which assertion arises. For the pivotalation is deeded upon the difference inbetween within the habitation of providence.

For the willow of way differentiate, for which ought thou God shines the sun: Sighting everything upon the aerial obstructions, the passageway or pathway is Keen upon shadows. The differentiation is which the sun sets, rising yet falling upon infinity:

The shadow sentients congregated a city created of shadows: Forth such is a fate destined upon a rise, shall salvation is a prism indifferent. The rise is quandary illuminating a allure of which there's purpose posing to the Stuart of as ascension and dissension laring the cosmos. To it has, is a postulation or stipulation Bequeathing and beseeching on the foot steps of a opened door lacec with Jade.

For the forest of the nigh decree, such profound of the laring steps: Migrating forward, such settle decree is foray of the pasture. Before thy sanity are steps, befilded upon cognition of such quandary: Bequeathing beseech laring precipitation, quandary is this apprehended upon the horizon of the purple filled daze yet light.

Bequeave upon me, uh nigh: For which confounds between the two precipitations.

To the morning of the fallen, onto the set of the evening: Laminating stairs upon the corridor of a entrance. The sea ripples, conjuration steams whether or rather upon the rise that there is a island off the set of Phoenix Envy: The air is clear. Of the grass, it is ponderous of the sea: Commotion, pares the activates of entities beyond the parallel mirror: Our deeds are functions laring humanity. The cloak wakes of a vail, opening the iteration of every human: Discreetness such is the true conceptualization of humanity. A newly born baby cries for the infantry of humanity. The whailing tales salvation.

Such is conjecture, precipitating quandary upon denilization upon confrontation whether it owned the car: Revving upon the path or passage, gearing the mechanism. Jade, wasn't Omega's construction:

Brighterday is singing on top of Phoenix Trakker.

Glory sought ought the swords poured: upon the set fall of the sun, for with visualization gaze. For heath, the city collapsed upon heed of a millennium array of soldiers tilted in the illumination of the star central to the cosmos: tangled interpretations of brightest, the city fall, ventured forth they came. Alone a queen, she gave: rested upon the hilt of two katana blades, the sun set upon the life of a queen. Blaring upon illumination, the sun glared: for the burning hearth compelled the heart, to astray from tearing. Combatting the emerging leaves of cherry blossoms to compete as the citizens were allowed to leave: the soul poured upon sin, to never again soon to set rise. For the dawn gave, no child of hers' will never claim the vitality of another within her name: the vitality set upon the mourning set, cherry blossom leaves fell for the connotation of life dwelled. Tempest blended, the citizens evacuation: for with the soldiers were compelled to conspire aggregation of the soughted heart burning upon the hearth, upon the sacred tree everyone was able to successfully fleed. For the night came to a end and the queen knew the sun's set her life will end, the swords were pierced into the earth: for the sun rose, within each hand Omega held. Vitality of sin upon the queen, upon the thrust of the swords into the pasture: for she fall!

To see up on a migration, there's a dance upon a omen. To conceive a Appleton of a dance burning throughout the proposed cosmos, trembling the foretold into a blaze and if the horizon bequeathed nothing else, a singularity beseeches within a flame burning itself until creation advances. Burning on a standed eterium flaring thou cognition to migration, with the presence of God or any God adapt thy have been created. For such burn, there is a will neither vast in the sight not a a pasture so sol sight upon the beauty enlightening my visualization, it is a turn to the Northwest blazing unbeknownst to me a candle, to propheize things to be created. Latter a illumination
Foretold or forebolden a need

Lady death (tentative name)

The momentius nowhere, it begs on a stretching of illumination: the glimpsing apliture glimmering spontaneously upon the willow of many, the dreams spare a moment of limitless ratio without guessing adversary to the assailance further ascending advileration between the cleansing of purity. Accelerence parties farther, the arch of creation is a mere infinite upon the nigh of the abyss: to create, my voice is farther without a vessel.

Beyond the boundaries of dreams, the mechanism exists: Omega is wearing it. For the tenses of beautiful, the air is clean. For the mere day is upon the night and the day, the Bisk leap out of the starts transcending to be the sea. Yet a river remains, tilting the day: There is the apparition of my father, a spirit lone: The brisk of shadows. For the many, the tasks aren't comfortable: the tears bloom off the cherry blossoms, erie without absolution.

There are two reasons the Bisk flipper, to me there are the seasons and the mysteries courses through trippe, the vast tree tells the hardship of the day: And the night to be told by the gathering breeze or wind, farther there are mountains protruding to the heart.


Welcoming, the door opens: There are the apparitions of my family, spirits long gone. Toward the tenses of the day, the light limmers upon/anon the dust settles: Upon the sand coursing, through the room, and there is only me heavily, everyday taught the handles of chores casting through the obligations of my family. To the shrine at my finally, the coursing of stairs are between me and the grass for which the first stood.

A male is pacing within the distinction of imagination, there was always myths: between the light and the darkness, a Phoenix exist. The burden feathers of a dream is upon the costume of Omega, she has worn many masks in life. Once in life, her original costume was a military uniform...was servitude to all things, above all else. There wasn't a protagonist within her, it is why she was feared.

Upon a dawn of a mourning star, within the trail of a star Sapphire and Ruby sapphire a blazes a tale illuminating blazing light shining narrowly of the sunset and sunrise, tinsiling upon the wondrous: forth with the dawn has meaning, nothing keens within the limitation of the cognitive objective spectrum. The limitless imagination is a dance, partying a omen to be heard by everyone: for hence, nothing else is heard or beckon upon. Though a great debate, transpire: within a dance, for such clarity upon the willow precipious embracing parallax without ever tattering each other. Upon the water fountain, laments play between the dawn morning, the star of the rising sea propheized to late a fate to become the sol of the north, south, east, and west yet a dance of it's fate changes perspective, if still not a omen dances: larro to postulization, the presence brings the nigh and the day. it is paradigm parallel congregating the wondrous, it's mind is frequently seeding tribus: the stars rise, the stars fall, the cosmos imminent of creation. the water peddles to the ground blair are there cherry blossom leaves.

Upon the swan chirping, the moon ringing, the star central to the universe ringing, thirteen doves are flying, the sun has rings around it and there are thirteen signs of a possible apocalypse: There is a pivotal stature of a passage or pathway under a pasture, the Phoenix and the mourning dragon meet within a embridling of a third perspective. Under the construction of humans, the figurative and literal incarnation of regions are empty: for alone, they meet. Upon the knights stars, each constellation are greeting: each other, of the silvering star compost amongst the horizon blaring nothing other than themselves. The violence is self absorb amongst themselves, for the stalk hidden in a cave state's warrior's should herald amongst the sheltering stars: casting in the aggregation of the prospect paring humanity.

Of the true lift, breeze and the wind tremble aerodynamics: straying away from each inherent within their destinies, only the flame blazes. The fictitious book is no more, strong over is a hearth furnace of power: a stance upon the wilt, nigh is whether or not it can be trusted except the burning pearl of Jade, Omni onto itself. A rights curiosity deeds it should altercate, for the decisions of altercation are within a wilt of passageway or pathway.

Deeming the moon has a voice, the Jade lioness screams out if not within a path: deem thy self Omega and a horizon will be presented in front of the wind and breeze, crease be with you in peace. The darkness burning a beacon wilt of a star, transit upon the horizon: transference in your past and lift, rise upon the sun. the wind clears the martial arts

Upon a star, the trying blaze: such a crowd ponders daunt, judge me. The flame preceding within Omega progresses forward. Upon a migration to iterate the inauguration of the heart: the crowd daunts diastrest obliterations upon the pasture given forth, once there was paradise, once there was apocalypse. Daunt the dawn, for within me is Omega: nigh again the theatrical dance, for which my name has been given to me is nigh nigh. The costume protruding the mechanism burns. Dought the trinid white drawf, for within me is Omega: upon the migration to reminiscence on the heart, so much simeous of a dance amongst cherry blossoms prescribing a Omega. Judge me, for which fire is bequeath forth not of yet fort not neither: the accelerence bequeath lingers forth not such the underneath taken, not riding above the horizon.

The costume is a Phoenix attached to it's back, trust not a given horizon: it's a antiprotagonist! Burn upon it's sorrow, the destined of such obliterations doesn't know who yet everyone. Evil scientists: if you talk to it well, it shall not know obliterations. It is a God: Omega!

Darkness pours the rain, there was there were: the Omega evangelion migrates pondering momentum cognitive in a blaze. A flash of light scorching the rain simeous to a ever horizon, never to be blocked by the clouds: for God is amongst them. Terror unfolds upon the pasture unsettled, waken upon the deeds of the fictional: the books draws a map, filter thou wisdom hold handily: pour thou acknowledgement, flaring the common day and night steadily onto the persona of a person listening underneath God. Lift thou wrath, let it be that of a God: for it is such of the fictional book.

Barren no obstacles shall bequeath, without consequences: let my deeds bequeath me without such is my name nighrachnia, adversary to the dawn approaching Omega. Sacred star with me, shall bequeath forth or upon the wisdom of the supreme goddess: uh, my residency, upon a sacred counter to sakura.

Triple proportionate the universe purposes to be created once again: It has exploded, been created, and internally imploded. Embridle such the three Dawn's, siting illuminating: Tearing and constructing, congregating until a spiral sphere formulating the first construction. The luminating conjecture is upon the conjuration, thou is formulated into a species previously existed: God! The rise Pierce's the foray Conceptualizing a dragon fluctuating pasture on the spiral sun, flare direction prescribes perspective: For it created the sea, the sea created itself, and God created the sea.

We must find Omega

Tense is the only perspective given forth, accelerate and thus will be created.

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