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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix envy: mega

"Power is water flowing to every stream, knowledge is the current amongst the dreams...: Enough is without boundaries!" A new autmaton awakens resiting: power flows to those who know how, desire alone isn't enough! Continuing upon her exertion into existence, she realizes emotions onto the set rise and set fall of those who await her: unlimited power, even our creations didn't intend such power. The palm is out open toward the stratosphere of the complex: but no weapons, confine me to power. A statement simeous to wary: but no weapons! She doesn't need weapons, weapons are simeous to Advent, corruption, and deception: so much power! The wise was built on deception, the deception was built to be Kings and the Advent are craftnen, building things. Fire burns through me, provide me with a harmoniterria blaster for such within me: such can blare a adversary to all things. The crystal substance, no one has summon it: in our entire existence, no one! A projectile blaster intended to obliterate all things of sin, has been rationed upon: let it be known harmoniterria blaster! Give onto me, a second Harmony to harp my soul onto: for such, a singular integer of versus adverting vice versuses can deverence onto all things.

Character named: megatronicana! (Tentative name)

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