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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

That Connection

I saw the connection coming
but never saw the light
My darkness seemed to get buried
along with my burnt-out soul.

She led me down that rosy path
the one Id never trodden
but all that rosiness led to
were my eyes filling up so sodden.

I saw a connection coming
for I had to escape into the light.
This darkness now was smothering me
every day its becoming so very tight

I saw her face just standing there
But before me there was nothing
The sharpened blade I held in my hand
I plunged into her heart

Watching her lifeblood ebb away
I felt no pity, shame or remorse
For this deed.
Now all I could see were her eyes filling up
Now I knew Id made that connection!

Written 10/01/2020

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