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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Notes on Harsov

Lorash's father is an archmage. he's not an evil shmuck, but neither is he a goody two shoes. He pursues magic and knowledge for their power and benefit, not to aid others or some nebulous "good". It was during this pursuit of various types of magic he encountered Lorash's mother. She told him she would teach him what she knew during daylight hours, if he would in turn "lend her his staff" during the evening. Not being a worldly man, he agreed, thinking she wanted to study his mage staff at night. Instead, she had minor precognition, and knew her people would need a powerful mage in the near future. She hoped it would be him, but if not, then his seed.

There are several schools, or houses, of magic. Necromantic, Elemental, etc. Within each house there are subdivisions...within Elemental there are Pyromancer, Aquamancers, Terraformers, etc. Blood Magic is a branch of Necromancy. When one masters all the spells of a given subdivision, he is termed a master mage. Learning all the spells within a school or house makes one an archmage. It is common for an archmage to have learned smatterings of spellsfromother schools, but rare to be of master class in any subdivision, knowing all the spells within that school. He began as a Pyromancer.

What Lorash has yet to realize is his mother did NOT send him to find his father. Her last words were a warning to him, NOT to seek his father. She has been concealing him for a reason. She does not trust his father, or the uses he might have for a magically gifted offspring like Lorash.

Like all members of the elven aristocracy, Lorash wears an ancient ring of heartwood, enchanted with a powerful block detection spell. This was done long ago, to keep their leaders safe from nefarious mages striking at them long distance. In this case, it has also shielded Lorash from any detection spell his father might have cast.

The heir of the elven king and dryad queen yet lives. Both his parents were slain during the battle, but a loyal retainer managed to flee with the child when all seemed lost. The child was born during the battle, and any elves aware of the birth died as well. The old retainer managed to carry the babe to a merchant city. Several races traded and lived there, so while elves were unusual, they were not unknown. She tried to teach the young babe and raises him as best she could, but she was old and he was reckless and headstrong from the start. She died while he was still quite young, and he fell in with a thieves guild, where he grew to adulthood. Like Lorash, he bears a heartwood ring, blocking location. His came from his dying mother, the only thing he has from her. As such, it is quite precious to him, and he wears it constantly. His name is Adam Belladona. The retainer gave him the name Adam, thinking a human sounding name would help him blend in better. He chose the name Belladona as his Thief name, thinking a poisonous herb would be a cool name for an elven thief. He did not consider how others would start calling him "Bella", confusing his gender. This caused him much humiliation and frustration. Harsov will be the first to encounter him, and the two quickly become fast friends. A human, raised and trained by elves, and an elf, raised and trained by humans. When Lorash meets back up with the two, they nearly drive him insane.

Lorash quickly suspects Adam's lineage, but is unable to verify. Adam has no memory of the tribe or his true mother, and certainly not his father. Nor will he allow Lorash to examine the precious ring of heartwood...."Why? You've got your own, you don't need mine, and you can't have it!"

The reason Brokenbranch has not rejoined the other two is his "wife" is not who he rescued! His wife is actually one of the people frozen in the web of time spell within the moon enchanted forest. That is why he could not find her spirit....she was not dead. The spirit he rescued was a rival sibling of Brambleheart, one whom her father prefered over her. Locking her away cleared a rival from her path, not slaying her left the option open to release her at some future point if it proved beneficial. In the meantime, Brambleheart was able to draw on her sister's power through blood magic, using her like a magical battery. her sister knew who Brokenbranch was, assumed the likeness of his vanished wife, and was overjoyed when he freed her. Not so happy when he came back looking for her.

The stolen elven child the dire wolves took and the dire wolf pup Harsov is raising are the same person. The babe is a natural born shapeshifter, and by instinct chose the form of the dire wolves who captured him. It has never had reason to change back.

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