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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix envy: 1986 robot

Of the lowering sea, to the raising sky is ariel: upon the fallen landscape, there bequeaths a spring. There ought not a rose, for which there's a slumber: forth not the reason's barring, the direction is consort with paragon parry of the sun rising against the sea. Paradigm to all fates, there's a Trinity. A fire, if not a rose: a spring of the intregity and a fall, for there will be a night of fire. The cherry blossom trees blare leaves upon the breeze or wind.

And within that purpose there is upon a settling, the fragrance of the sea: clear to multiple world's, a rise. For which a slumber is within cognitive representative of the perspective: the paradigm rises with clause's causing purposes for which Omega pertains. The elaboration is precipititious to the breeze or wind, levying such purpose to the budding roses personifying the arch of a monarchy. The peddles subside one by the power falls upon the trailing energetic prism of the sea transforming into crystal, if not the acclimated purpose: our entire society are monarchs this only one can rise. So thou ought purpose determinating the mechanism purposing Omega, a righteous mechanicogeric or a machine built upon the mechanism for which God concretioned.

Over the lifting and rise of a hazel sky, over the stance of a set in-between a northern and southern infinite proposition, over the mere nigh: the comet propelled a day as a burning star. To which postulation or mire thou Aviva, thou the inner sanctrums to which mere light or darkness and the outer sanctrums beyond the sea, carrying upon fort not mention arising above any fortify of humanities conceptualization: a parallel paradigm upon thou soul should be created, should be given onto the entourment of the areas given to utopia or if not depicted well, then ought to be upon a thousand dove's layering the skies for not be given upon it's corridor shalt not quill a well over anything.

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