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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

The Legend of Peepee Rottentail

Not many people know this, but Peter Cottontail was NOT a cinch to become the easter bunny. He had a cousin, Pepe Cottontail, who most people thought was every bit as talented and skilled as he was, and maybe even a little better. Pepe was an amazing artist, crafting the most beautiful easter eggs. He knew the best locations to hide the eggs, just hard enough to make finding them a challenge, but not hard enough to be frustrating.

However, Pepe had one fatal flaw. He absolutely refused to bathe on a regular basis, and often would not wipe properly after using the potty. Now, as you can imagine, it didn't take long before Pepe started smelling really bad. So bad in fact, that none of the other bunnies could stand to be around him, and even the beautiful Easter Eggs he made smelled horrible.

To top it all off, the other bunnies his age teased him unmercifully, calling him "Peepee Rottentail" instead of Pepe Cottontail. And when his cousin Peter became famous, they even made up a mocking song about him, using the same tune. It went something like this..."There goes Peepee Rottentail, hopping down a stinky ol' trail, Hippity Hoppity, wipe your bum each day...."

Poor Pepe was so humiliated, he never even tried for the position of Easter Bunny, and soon lived in a lonely shack in the swamp, where no one cared what he looked or smelled like. His cousin Peter felt bad of course, but what could he do?, I mean Pepe, was so stinky by this time, no one could stand to be around him. And being
Easter Bunny is a very serious and time consuming job.

So, Peter Cottontail went on to become famous as the Easter Bunny. And Pepe? Well, he faded into obscurity, and was never again seen among the other bunnies...all because he refused to keep himself clean.

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