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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

New Windows

When the sun shines through the windows, I will think of you. You were my sunlight, my partner, and my true dear friend.
No matter what you would always be there for me. The road I travel is
lonely without you. When you departed, a part of me departed too.
I laugh and smile, yet deep inside I feel the pain still.
I don't know what the future holds. I hope that one day we will be reunited. You were God's special gift to me. You are the warmth from the sun. The coolness from the gentle breeze. When the winds blow you are swirling and twirling all around. What can I say? You loved trees.
I had trees planted in your memory, they are growing.
You are in each and every raindrop that falls. You are in every snowflake. You were the music in our home, you loved music.
You lived life, you loved life. I miss your adventurous nature, your optimistic attitude. we would listen to the birds sing every spring.
Spring will come again soon, winter will pass.
Whenever I hear the birds sing I will think of you.
The squirrels are scurrying around up and down the trees.
The geese are grazing across the way. In the autumn season wild turkeys grace our backyard. Without you nothing will ever be the same.
As sunlight shines through the new windows I will know that you are smiling and I will smile too.

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