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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix envy: Omega winter

The cherry blossoms shall ruffle, tinsiling down. The moon, the white dwarf, the sun, dragon, the Phoenix, the star: still going by the without or within being, you really liked her. She was the right one for k.k.hulett. are you katanana, blaring on the side of omega. A true kunoichi has to have a false name, nowadays I'm going by the name daytisnight. Still tis diagonal on the set of the sun, the sun will sit, set fire upon the declaration of memories, the reflection shall blare, fire tenses, fire begins to burst.

Omega begins to migrate away from her: sight of the fiery lion erupts in a road, the Phoenix begins to sing upon it's own path not controlled by anybody, the fiery tiger roars and the dragon erupts spuelling fire. "For settle faith give within thee, thou arch shall set upon a mirror refracting the faith given before: for thou eyes set upon the sun. To it's which I proclaim, it is dust whimpering at the set of the sun forevermore and if that set shall bequeath within me then let it set.

And shall that bend be within me forevermore: bend upon a fire kindling upon a flame, to which the slowed bend is upon a reflection: bent upon our heaps of acknowledgement, bends the deception of man looking through a mirror for our reflection deeds, why do you sit upon the horrendous of man reflected through a reflection dwells, why do you sit and upon the fire deeds impacting reality. For that reclamation shall deem upon the heart shall rise.

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