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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Ymir the Deadly Werefrog (Chapter II)

The morning dawned bright and clear, and Ymir yawned hugely as he awakened. His wounded leg felt much better, as the aged crow had applied one of her poultices the previous day. She was not such a bad person, once she stopped jabbing at him with her spear.

As for Razorbeak, he seemed fully recovered and eager to be on the road once more. The question remained...where? He was no longer certain where his people were located, after his wild delirious flight through the fens. In addition, his wanderlust was now fully aroused. He had never heard of a bird person before, and certainly not seen or spoken to one. Who knew what other species might lie undiscovered?

The world was wide, and he had barely scratched the surface. Perhaps the chicken/crow lady had some useful information she could share to aid him in his travels. Certainly he wished to avoid any further contact with the Manz creatures.

Turning to the person in question, Ymir said, "My profuse apologies for my rudeness in manners, lady. My name is Ymir, of the yellow stripe clan. Might I inquire your name?"

The bird lady hawked and spat out the door before turning. "See no need for such foolishness. You be you an I be me, names be but a means o' complicatin' matters. 'Sides, I doubt my poor ol' tongue could wrap 'self 'round such an odd name as ye bear. 'Tis Froggy I be callin' ye."

Ymir grimaced, replying "Very well, lady. Shall I call thee "Chickie" then?

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