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How to Take a Screenshot in Windows

A screenshot is an image of the device’s screen that appears on top of any other background screen, tabs or window. This feature is not unknown to the Millenials or anyone with a smartphone. And in the present world, this feature becomes more useful when one wants to share the content that they see on-screen with anyone at any time. While most of the population may be aware of how to take screenshots on mobile devices, a lot of people still don’t know how to click a screenshot on their desktops, laptops or in any Windows system. So, here comes our role to help you out to figure out or to teach you how screenshots are taken in a Windows system.

Moreover, since a lot of people might be using different versions of windows, such as Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10 which engages slightly different methods for clicking and saving the screenshots; this content will cover all the variants that one may have.

Windows 8 and 10

The first step to this would be to open the screen that you want to take a snap of and keep in mind that there shouldn’t be any distractions, such as an open window or programs, in the middle of that screen. One of the easiest methods to snap the screen is via your keyboard. Now that you have your screen, you can now locate the print screen ( abbreviated as PrtSc ) on the top right corner of your screen, near or above the Num Lock key and then you may locate the Windows key on the bottom left corner of your keyboard, beside the spacebar or Alt key. Now, remember to click both ‘PrtSc’ and ‘Windows’ key at the same time. And your device should be taking the screenshot right away. You can find the screenshot inside the screenshot section of the pictures of the File Explorer. Or, in case you have OneDrive, you can save it there as well.

Any Windows Device

Again, the first step to this would be to open the screen that you wish to capture a snapshot of and bear in mind that there shouldn’t be any distractions in the middle of that screen. You will need the keyboard to take the screenshots. Then, find the print screen button ( abbreviated as PrtSc ), on the top right corner of the keyboard, and the function key ( abbreviated as Fn ) on the bottom left corner of the keyboard. After locating your keys, press them both together at the same time and the screenshot will be taken. Your screenshot will be saved in your device’s file explorer. One thing to keep in mind, if you are using Windows XP, is that in order to save the screenshot you will have to follow a few more steps.

From the Start button, select programs > select accessories > click on the paint option. Your paint page will open, then paste your screenshot on the paint screen by pressing the button Control ( abbreviated as Ctrl ) + V. Once your screenshot gets pasted on the Paint window, you will have to save it manually by pressing the Ctrl + S. You can also change the name of your screenshot by hitting the Save button on the top left side of your computer screen and once you are satisfied with the name and format of the screenshot taken, click on the Save button.

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