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6 Tips to Help You Make the Most Out of Netflix

Netflix is one of the top-grossing platforms where one can find their favorite shows, movies, and TV series. Since the global pandemic, Co-VID 19, has hit the world, a lot of businesses, industries, and companies have started to lose their grounds. But the global pandemic has proven to be a boon to Netflix. People are social distancing leading them to stay at home more than ever and Netflix played the role to keep the world entertained with good content which has made it worth $ 194 billion USD, according to Forbes. Forbes list also mentioned that Netflix’s stocks have increased 5% by midday, after closing at a record price of nearly $427 per share on Wednesday, i.e., 13th May 2020.

Netflix is available worldwide, yet people don’t seem to make the most out of its feature as they themselves are unaware of the extended facilities they can get through it. So, here is a list of some tips that you can use to tweak your experience the next time you open your account:
◾Top Picks

In case you are not aware of this section, let us remind you that Netflix has a section dedicated to the top 10 picks for TV series, movies, web shows each based on what is famous in your country. And this list gets updated every single day. So, always keep your eyes on what is actually trending and add them to your watchlist if you don’t want to miss out on anything.
◾Filter and Sort

You can improve your search results through filtering by clicking on the ‘Search by Category’ option. Along with filtering the genre, this option also proves to be helpful to filter your search based upon the title, category, IMDB, and Rotten Tomato ratings.
◾Create a separate profile in the same account

If you are sharing your account with your friends or family, then you may be facing the trouble to declutter your watchlist because everyone’s preferences are shared in the same place. That is when this option dives in. Many people don’t know that they can enter separate email IDs in the same Netflix account and can separate their watchlist. To enter a separate ID, all you have to do is: Go to your Account Settings and go to Profile Control and create your separate profile by adding your name and an image icon. Having a separate profile can set data usage per screen and you can separately add your recommendations to your profile.
◾Parent Control

If you are sharing your account with young kids and want to ensure that your kids don’t watch any inappropriate content then you can add parent control to your kid’s profile. Simply go to account settings and click on ‘Profile & Parental Control’ and click on the profile that you want to add this feature upon and click ‘Change’ n playback settings.
◾Secure Your Profile

Suppose you are still worried about your kid’s content consumption? Although you have added parental control on your kid’s profile, they still have the access to your profile which is not secured. Well, there is nothing to worry about because Netflix provides you with the feature to secure your profile with a 4-digit code. YES! To add Profile Lock, you simply just have to go to your ‘Accounts’ from the settings option and click on the ‘Profile & Parental Controls’. Select the Profile you want to secure, enter the four-digit pin, and hit ‘Change’ on Profile Lock. And your profile will be secured.

This feature helps you personalize your account by altering the background color, themes, subtitles languages, and appearance, etc. If you want to check what your kids have surfed through their account, you can hit the ‘Profile & Parental Control’ and click on the ‘view activity’ and this will give you all the details you want.

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