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How to Troubleshoot iTunes Error -50 and -54?

iTunes is one of the most efficient apps for Apple users. It’s a useful tool for various purposes, especially iOS devices. It works as a media library, media player, mobile device management utility tool, and internet radio broadcaster app.

Sometimes iTunes users face several issues and end up with the error codes. Some iTunes issues are very frustrating. Errors -50 and -54 restrict the data from syncing and transferring. To fix this issue, read on ena dapply the solutions mentioned below:

Restarting iTunes
◾First of all, you have to ensure that the iOS device is properly attached to your PC.
◾Now, close the iTunes app.
◾Then, connect the system to iTunes once more and then try to sync all your files.
◾Finally, reboot the device.

Fixing iTunes Issues by Changing the Permissions Settings
◾Navigate to the Applications section.
◾Then, go to the utility tab and launch the Script Editor.
◾After that, you have to execute the undermentioned paths:◾End_tell

◾Set each item of the particular folder “Music iTunes” related to home to false.

Alternatively, you may also use the terminal to troubleshoot iTunes error -54. To do so, pursue these instructions:
◾Launch Terminal.
◾Use any of the available paths:

Chmod_666_your file name.

Sudo_chgrp_staff_your file name

Sudo_chown_your username

Note: You may also try to fix this issue by turning off “FileVault” if you are using the same.

Updating iTunes
◾Firstly, launch the App Store on your Mac device.
◾Then, go to the Updates section.
◾Now, download the available updates related to iTunes.

Authorizing the Device
◾First and foremost, launch iTunes and ensure that you have properly logged into your Apple ID.
◾Then, choose Accounts and then hit the Authorizations tab.
◾After that, select the option “Authorize This Computer.”
◾After some time, you will find that the particular iTunes error is resolved.

Consolidating iTunes Library
◾First of all, you have to launch the iTunes app.
◾Then, go to the tab “Files.”
◾Now, press the Library section and then hit the Organize Library option.
◾Next, choose the option “Consolidate Files.”
◾Tap on OK to proceed.

Checking Your Files
◾First of all, you have to ensure that your third-party antivirus isn’t restricting any process of iTunes.
◾Now, try to synch multiple files at one time.
◾Then, remove and re-download the content or delete and then import it again.

It is recommended not to try to sync PDF files. You may also use Apple offered guidelines for troubleshooting errors like -54 for your iTunes.

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