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US and Canada to Get a Taste of the Nord

OnePlus has blown the international smartphone community with possibly its most fascinating smartphone yet. The OnePlus Nord is a less than $500 monster machine that comes with a very appropriate tagline; ‘Almost everything you could ask for.’ But the announcement excluded two major mobile phone markets, the USA and Canada.

Brilliantly designed, bitterly better than rest

The Chinese smartphone company has been making headlines ever since they announced the revolutionary smartphone. The makers have gone all out with this model, and on paper, it seems like nothing we’ve ever seen before. It boasts a handsome, 90 Hz AMOLED display and would be the first, would-be-5G phone. That means whenever the world is ready for 5G, Nord users will be at the forefront of that line. All of that at less than $500.

But one thing we didn’t see coming is that the US and Canada would not be receiving the new phone from OnePlus. As of yet, a beta promotional scheme has been announced for these North American countries, without any plans of launching it commercially. Under the beta version event, 50 people will receive the new amazing OnePlus Nord. These 50 people won’t own the phone but expected to send in feedback for the device. This is compulsory for everyone who receives a phone. Now at the end of the event, the company will inform you if you can keep the device after that.

Seems like a motivational trick

Although OnePlus did not disclose the details about who will get to keep the phones or on what basis, it seems like this is a ruse to get people to fill in the feedback judiciously. If people think they might not get to keep the phone, they will be motivated to send extensive feedback. This will increase the quality of input that OnePlus receives, and keep the reviewers on their toes since this isn’t a giveaway but a trial-testing of the market. The reviewers are expected to give detailed feedback about the use, comparing it to other devices, and testing the cameras. With many new features like 70 percent charging in 30 minutes and group selfie auto-detector, reviewers will have a fun time trying out Nord.

The new smartphone is causing ripple effects in the industry, since no phone before this one has had so much value in such an affordable price range. If you wish to sign up for the beta version test, the window is open till the 4th of August. So, head to the official OnePlus site to know more.

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