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Call of Duty: Warzone Player Gets Fantastic Helicopter Self Revive

Almost every player who has played enough Call of Duty: Warzone knows that helicopters in the game are extremely powerful. In terms of defense, helicopters are always remarkable, and their stunning speed enables the players to evade from a critical situation. It’s hard to mark a headshot on the player who is riding in a helicopter. However, helicopters are also considered as an offensive weapon that can mow down the players with its fast-spinning blades.

On Twitter, a player posted a video where he found himself on the opposite side of the helicopter. The helicopter was moving towards the player, and he was shooting with a sniper on the helicopter. The helicopter connected in and was about to knock down the player. When this type of situation happens, players usually don’t have any option to avoid damage, but in the video, something unusual happened. Whatever happened in the video was really shocking and surprising.

When the enemy’s helicopter flies away, the grounded player moves with it. He somehow managed to fix the flying helicopter and rest for a couple of seconds. He had some Warzone self revives for back up while riding on the right side of the helicopter.

Firstly, he managed to revive himself, and then he quickly marked the head of the pilot for a headshot. The pilot wasn’t aware of the situation. Later on, he takes control of the helicopter by winning. The video of the player is stunning; the way he hijacks the helicopter was an outstanding move. That might be the most epic helicopter hijackings in Call of Duty: Warzone, and the credit goes to his luck.

Now the only thing that comes to light after the incident is that players are suspecting it is some kind of glitch. It was unintentional from the player, yet he managed to revive himself and kill the pilot while stuck on the helicopter. There is no doubt that Call of Duty: Warzone has a number of glitches. Since the release of the game, players have seen several types of glitches, including “infinite pistol ammo.”

Call of Duty: Warzone is on its way to release their next Season, and players have lots of expectations from that. Self-reviving in a flying helicopter is not a part of the game. Any player who has seen the video on Twitter has considered it to be a glitch. No player can perform this type of activity intentionally.

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