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A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Boruto Confirms the True Identity of Koji Kashin

Koji Kashin is a methodical Kara assassin. Although a former Inner of Kara, he operates on his own terms and is determined to weaponize Boruto. In recent episodes, a big mystery is revealed in the anime. He is shown to be the clone of Jiraiya who was killed by Pain.

Jiraiya was a Sannin. Sannin is a group of three ninjas who were tutored under Hiruzen and were considered to be the greatest three ninjas of all time. Although always in disagreement with each other, they accomplished great things together and fought in the Second Shinobi world war. Even after the end of the war they never got with each other well. Their skills and prowess made them a deadly trio. Jiraiya was an integral part of the group. Even though he was considered for the Hokage on more than one occasion. He never showed any interest in the responsibilities that a Hokage had to take care of.

The dilapidated and ruinous state of the Rain Village comes off as a shock, as Sasuke and Sai reach there following the trails of Kara. Itís obvious that the alliance has neglected Kirigakure and didnít care much about restoring or rebuilding it. The ruinous village has now become the base for shady activities. If the alliance had cared to develop the once beautiful village there was a good possibility that the questionable activities going on there might not have happened in the first place. Kirigakure was a big failure of the new ninja alliance.

Knowing exactly the negligence of the world towards the Rain Village, Kara has been using it as a base for carrying out numerous deadly scientific experiments. Not just deadly poisonous gases but genetic mutations and DNA tampering as well. The Kara leader Jigen later even confesses to the fact that the place was supposed to be disbanded, which never happened. The place was quite similar to the one where the scientist Amado, genetically engineered Kawaki. So, there is a good possibility that since Jiraiya was brutally killed in Kirigakure. Amado might have been able to look for his body in order to create the clone, Koji Kashin.

The fact that Jigen was surprised to know Jiraiya was made to kill him just goes on to show that he was clueless about a lot of things. He himself didnít know what his scientist, Amado, was up to. So, it wonít be wrong to presume that Amado might have done his dirty work before Jigen arrived there. Although Amado is very mysterious and very little is known about him, being a scientist who had experience in cloning. Itís not hard to imagine him working out some way or the other to find Jiraiyaís body.

All of this is merely conjecture and the facts are yet to come to light. Amadoís scientific exploits and the nature of his genetic manipulations, as well as DNA tempering, pose many questions. How far he ventured in cloning is also not known. Did he go to the Rain village just to get his hands on Jiraiya to clone him? If yes, how did he find his body? and what was the purpose of his visit to Kirigakure?

As Sasuke recently formed an alliance with Jiraiya by going in the past, who was the godfather to Naruto. Along with the revelation that Kashin Koji being the clone of Jiraiya, who is hell-bent on weaponizing Boruto. The plot is all set for an emotional roller coaster.

Boruto is now very well put together for numerous revelations and fans must be very excited to get answers to all their questions. It will be very interesting to see how things turn out.

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