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Best Calming Apps to De-stress Your Mind

Life is a blend of both happiness and sadness. One may have to deal with stress in life at any time. Some find it difficult to tackle these situations. You can’t focus on your work properly if you feel stressed. If you are looking for the best apps to keep yourself stress-free, here are some apps for you. Let’s have a look at the best calming apps.

Dark Noise

Dark Noise kicks off the list of the best calming apps. It is one of the best calming apps on the list. It helps you relax and soothes your mind with soft music. It contains some good music tones that can give your mind relaxation. The app is known for its ambient music. Ambient music is considered to be the best way to soothe the mind. Ambient music is said to have a good feeling that can truly change your feelings and thoughts. A lot of experts believe that music has a deep relationship with our mind and thoughts. The app has been designed on the same notion.

If you think that you are not in the right situation and want to calm and soothe your mind, Dark Noise is a great app for you. It contains a number of natural sounds and animal sounds that are pleasant to ears and help your mind remain stress-free. If you are thinking of beating stress, this great calming app is the one you should try out. When it comes to price, it costs just $3.99. It is currently available for iOS. The Android version of the app is likely in the forthcoming time.


Calm does as its name suggests. As you already know that ambient noise can help you come out of stressful situations. This app works in the same way as Dark Noise does. It offers a good number of ambient music that can help you feel relaxed. It can help you stay focused on your work too. If your mind is getting distracted at work, you can take advantage of this app in order to keep the focus on your work. A good number of people believe that listening to music helps one coming out of stressful situations. If the same opinion is yours, you can opt for Calm. It will change your thoughts and create a good atmosphere around you.

Some call it a “Meditation app” because it contains some lessons that may help you know how to manage stress, keep anger under control, and stay happy whenever you face tough situations. It offers some useful breathing exercises that may prove beneficial and help you feel stress-free. The app is really good and may measure up to your expectations. If you are looking for a good calming app, Calm is what will calm your mind. Android users can download it on Google Play Store. iOS users can get it on AppStore. If you are searching for an app to beat stress, you can opt for Calm.


One of the most popular apps on the list is Headspace. It keeps you stress-free and helps you know about the exercises that can keep your mind free of stress. Unlike the apps above, This app doesn’t contain any music and tones. It simply tells you about various important topics related to health, sleep, and other habits.

All the techniques and exercises on the app are easy to do. The great thing about this app is, this app teaches you how to deal with various tough situations that occur in daily life. Whether you are going through sad moments or a stressful period of time, Headspace may be helpful to you. It presents some questions to users that they can answer and learn more about how to manage stress and tackle difficult situations. Headspace is not just good but free also. If you are looking for a good calming app to help you relax, this may help you a lot. Android users can get it on Google Play Store. iOS users can download it on AppStore. It offers the subscription plan also. If you want some additional features, you can pay for the subscription plan. It is most likely that you will love it.

Simple Habit

Another effective calming app to help you relax and soothe your mind is Simple Habit. It can simply relax your mind and helps you live stress-free moments. The app tells about how to maintain good habits and be ready to tackle tough times that may come at any time. If you think your life is going through stressful phases and no solution is visible to you, Simple Habit is the app that may come to your rescue. It includes a wide range of useful exercises and practices that you can do in order to beat stress and tackle the tough situation with no worries on the mind. It offers effective sessions that may prove beneficial to you.

Simple Habit offers a paid subscription plan that you can go for if you want. The app is available for free download on Google Play Store. The iPhone users may download it on AppStore. The app offers the free version too. If you are one of those who are in search of a simple but effective calming app, Simple Habit may be good for you.

These apps will help you know about how to deal with stress. You can download them from the Play Store or App Store.

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