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5 Things We Know About Shazam! Fury Of The Gods

Shazam! is a superhero film that is based on the character of the DC comics. It was released in the year 2019 and directed by David. F. Sandberg. The second part of the film Shazam! is one of the most anticipated upcoming superhero films. This year, people were not able to watch any superhero films in the cinema due to the pandemic, but the most awaited movie for fans is the second adventure of Shazam – titled Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Here are all the five things we know about Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Return Of The Cast

It has already been confirmed that the cast of the last film Shazam! is returning, and this news is quite relaxing for the people who enjoyed the portrayal of the previous cast. The important part is – Zachari Levi will again play the role of superhero Shazam. Asher Angel will once again play the role of Shazam’s younger version, the boy Billy Batson. The role of Billy’s good friend Freddy will be once again played by Jack Dylan Grazer.

Release Date

Shazam! Fury of the Gods can be premiered in the USA on November 4, 2022. However, this date might get delayed due to the COVID-19 virus. It might also be possible that this film could release similarly to Wonder Woman 1984.

Start Of The Filming

Due to the pandemic, the start of the filming of this film has been postponed. However, according to Zachary Levi, the shoot of this film will be going to start in early 2021. According to the statement of Zachary Levi, it is clear that the film can be released in the year 2022.

It Might Not Be A Part Of The DCEU

It has not exactly been confirmed if Shazam will ever work with the other heroes of DCEU. However, the cooperation of Shazam with Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Birds of Prey, and even the Suicide Squad might be interesting. Also, Shazam! was an independent project. This is the reason why we cannot find similar scenes in the film Shazam!.

The Official Poster Is Available

The film has not started its production yet due to the COVID-19 virus. That is why any official video, trailers, and sneak peeks are not available. However, some fans of this film have already got the first look at the film, Shazam! Fury of the Gods – in the form of its official poster. If we talk about the poster of the film, it looks very colorful and crazy. The most wondering and exciting thing available on the poster is the portrayal of animals because we have to watch the film and find out whom they will be going to attack. Is it the enemy or the heroes?

Here we have discussed five things we know about Shazam! Fury of the Gods. We have concluded that this film is one of the most awaited superhero films and has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Still, we hope situations will get better, and the production will start as soon as possible.

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