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A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Improve Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence plays a massive role in how organizations are operating and interacting with their customers. Customer Service plays a vital role in building your brand’s image as reliable and customer-oriented.

An organization’s relationship with its clients is a lot more than enriching product evaluations or diminishing wait times. Having a robust customer service also plays an essential role in making you an established brand. AI services and programs are helping brands transform the workflow of various departments, from data processing and collection to the advertising department.

In this article, we will mention how you can improve customer experience with artificial intelligence.

Elimination of “On-hold” culture

One of the most frustrating situations for any customer is waiting for the company’s response to their queries. The traditional ways of handling customers have become outdated. With AI, your customers don’t have to wait for days to get their problems solved. Your customers can use chatbots and virtual assistants for basic queries.

24*7 Availability

The most fantastic point of AI is that it never sleeps. It enables you to provide customer support 24*7, which improves the user experience of your brand.

Data Mining

AI can gather a large amount of information from different digital sources. Artificial intelligence is fully capable of analyzing complex data and generating useful insights from that information. You can provide customized solutions to your customers based on the data derived by AI. For instance, the Royal Bank of Canada used artificial intelligence to provide legal planning solutions to its customers as a part of their financial plan.

Using AI tools for automating tasks

Nowadays, Alexa is not just taking commands for switching off the lights or playing your favorite music. The A.I tools are used by banks and e-commerce companies to make payments and purchases on your behalf. Your customer can make payments and initiate bank transfers with the help of these AI tools.

Personalized Service

Artificial intelligence can help you make personalized promotions and deliver relevant messages to the appropriate audience. Artificial intelligence helps you in improving the digital experience of your customers. For instance, Air Canada took the help of artificial intelligence to analyze the airline’s booking data, and they came up with a personalized mobile application that improved their customer’s experience.

Improved Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the primary strategies to deliver personalized content to your target audience. With the help of AI tools, you can schedule your customized emails in advance. The algorithms can capture your audience’s email browsing history and web experiences and help you understand how your audience reacts to your content. This data will help you to discover content that is working for you.

Making each purchase a pain free process

Whenever your customer is buying something, they mustn’t face any hurdles. The AI tools like live chats enable you to help your customers to make their purchase hassle-free.

Artificial intelligence is more productive

Artificial intelligence is a more productive and cheaper resource. It does not require any breaks and sleeps, and it continues to deliver the best customer service experience. Artificial intelligence can learn new skills more efficiently in comparison to their human counterparts. Artificial intelligence does not make any mistakes and delivers crisp and correct resolutions to your customers within TAT.

Artificial intelligence delivers predictive modeling

Artificial intelligence can churn a large number of data and analyze the historical data to come up with useful outcomes that can be used in targeting your customers at the right time. Predictive modeling helps you identify the reference points where you can target your audience for better engagement and deliver a more personalized experience.

Predictive modeling can be highly beneficial in the healthcare industry. AI can trigger automated responses while engaging with patients. According to a study by Stanford, artificial intelligence can detect skin cancers just like dermatologists. Another survey by Bloomberg shows that AI detected the signs of having a cardiac arrest with 93% accuracy. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can easily detect your health vitals like heart rate, sleep quality, etc.


Enhanced customer experience has always been the center point to increase the value of your brand. Companies are adopting artificial intelligence to reduce costs and to enhance the customer experience. Artificial intelligence is evolving the customer experience and helping companies to make strategic decisions for better outcomes. Artificial intelligence offers essential automated functions to every industry, whether its retail, financial institutions, healthcare, and more. Artificial intelligence cannot replace human resources in various segments, but the role of AI is quite promising in the future.

Artificial intelligence has become a life-saver for small businesses in this COVID-19 pandemic. In the United States, Congress has passed the CARES Act, which focuses on approving loan applications for small businesses in one month. Closed banks and long waiting hours to speak to customer care have impacted the customer service experience negatively. In such difficult times, artificial intelligence has proved its utility and reliability.

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