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As I look out my kitchen window this beautiful sunny autumn morning.
The leaves are golden like the sun. Silently watching the leaves fall, it makes me a little sad. I feel as though I am falling too.
The leaves are rapidly falling to the ground. I am on the ground looking up. The sky is a breath taking glowing blue.
Orange pumpkins in my backyard near a bench have been eaten by the squirrels. They are having a feast. The pumpkins are a perfect Thanksgiving treat. They will scamper and scurry preparing for winter. The grass is a warm carpet green, there are green leaves on some trees. Eventually many of the leaves will continue to fall. The leaves will scatter as they fall and my thoughts will scatter too.
The tree branches will become bare. Basically bare is what I feel in my life. The skies will become cloudy and gray. This will be the color of my mood, a dull gray. With the golden leaves and sunshine at the moment my mood feels bright. My mood will change as the day ends and darkness appears sadly I will close the blinds and realize that darkness has settled in.

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