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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Seasons

For the tenses of the beautiful, the air is clean: For the mere day is upon the night and the day, the bisk leap far out of the pond. Yet a river remains, tilts the day, there is the apparition of my father a spirit - lone the brisk of shadows. For many, the tasks aren't comfortable: The tears bloom off the cherry blossoms, arie are the depths below the sea and to it's definition, lare my destinations of the infinity gather within and without absolution.

Should rationality pior creation, congregating a beginning lessening a end: Tilt the sea drops, pouring over the congregational flare. Bringing the encompassing flare, endeavoring steps: Each trapidate the within all of atoms. Iniquitous encompasses a facet, becoming: forging the starlight bringing.

There are the two reasons the Bisk flipper: To me, there are the seasons and the mysteries courses through triple, the vast tree tells the hardship of the day parallel the night to be told by the gathering breeze or wind farther there are mountains protruding to be silent.

Welcoming, the door opens': There are the apparition of my family, spirit's long gone. Toward the tenses of the day, the light limmer and dust settles upon the sand coursing through the room, and there is only me heavily: Everyday taught the handles of chores casting through the obligations of my family. To the shrine at my family, the coursing of stairs are between me and the grass for which the first stood.

For now, there is a little bit of me in every action: Onto the deeds that bequeath, mirroring a set - a dawning set between the tasks of me and the gods, flourishing birds then set of a path to teachings. The words must flow, the stroaks must flow partially: For the flying endeavors. Casting the seasons into: If everything is seen, the burning reverence of the trembling day bask in deeds, forming itself and placing it beside me.

The Nippon afterlife arch gates cannot be opened unless written by the story author. Omega Wintersnightingale is the most powerful character ever created.

There is such a beautiful bloom, it shall perpetuate within the gadence of a step: Gadence presence tense before blooming thereforth. After the daisen tempestuous of the lit limmering gadence to be light. Gail day, tempest night emblem cherry blossoms! Step before migration, the gailing season's blooming loft of creationary creations. Trapidation of the emeritus celestial armous beauty.

Beauty before the inkling of the singularity. Stillness dawn of the iteration speculating a prism perspective tappering: Trill assonance to the perspective fillering aurora, fathom waits such beauty is a garden: A creative matterism materializing clave wondrous dilerating still. Still, there's a videlicet restore to such yet: Such is the happening of materialization.

Seasons might be late, blooming iterates the creation of the sky because I got no thing, creation is in my every hearth. For the will that seasons' will bring, I got no thing, falling on the sky to do is limmer a sol into variance fabrication: To which its it make, all I want to do is adjourn conjuration conversing rise to sing, going on sol much more: Infinity never will die! Don't get dead, crying no more for within me isn't sweet: All the stars behind me. Infinity never die!

Brighting the light, creating the day: Cool, ought going to shin on you're. Don't get dead, you know my fire is sweet: All the gails sin behind me. Don't forget to let the harmony bells ring: There's no pretense (music) I'm sol wild, All the while, all the wilderness: I'm temperance, I'm soul cool! A soul raising the dragons key, there's a sin within you baring the darkness: A silhouette shin light onto the tempering light Congregating the cosmos. Behind your boredom, shall soul indulging equitience textbooks: Evil isn't fun. Going on and on, I love my babies more and infinity will never die.

The song sings, if the song sings let it be in reason: Creation of the song, let it embride coursing the beginning simeous simultaneously the ending. Blooming on the speak of avoice The logical voice entailing evil may sing, all other's sin behind me. Shin on there's

Don't get

The edge of morning may bring, all others sin behind me. The dew cries on:

A sea beginning onto its end, ever resting beset beside a woman onto the lim sunlight of a rose lighting the sword hilt in the conjuring sand personifying the beginning is a warm pasture horizon grace onto light: Holy, light Arminius onto the pallet dawn set conjuring transversion immutable to the archage. Set of the sun, guidance of a rose: Clear between the sand conjuring creation.

The sun doesn't have a name, uh thou light is resonance: Carrying the will of the sword vanishing onto the rose, characterizing the self. Besetting of a rose, it is to gather motioning terms and destiny onto the onset of beginning: Writing, life and death adjourning cherry blossom leaves.

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