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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Phoenix Primary

The eye tiers of the one breaking into the congregation of the celestial to poir over the conjuration of the universe: To which it is a sol, inter making the fabrication to be. Lair over the allusion make, the tier is congregative mannerism materializing from bloom and dust: A parallel distinction, kindling a barnering

The writing of a simplistic name is the orbit of the sun and moon: The will of the standardarity state is the encumbant distinction of the congregating beginning iterating a ending destinating universe, to the name of the universe has distinction interlaying the creation of atoms: It is the name erupting into supremacy, iterating the possible name is god. To the Scarlet conformations conform congregation beginning to warm yet simultaneously cooling into the credence of creation: The name is before apparition, a orbit summiting the suggestion of vitality conjuring whether existence is the literative barence of rise, marbling is the inter congregation beginning the combinative sequence for rise. There is within a Scarlet nova, blaring the congregative ......... For rise.

To the Scarlet rotation, there is the sequencing of the scale burning literating warming it is the embodiment proponent possibility of infinity according the fabrication of equationary equation: Propositioning quandary, the inter congregation congressioning into a apparition is of a burning insignuation contorting simultaneously to a flare: The warming pressing into wings are a burning, spread signification of the iteration to combinate.

Silhouette daunters on the spread, beckoning it is the iteration to rise: Calling onto the encaliation creating emanative thread of congregating creation, it is a warming admenative en calling rise: Ember into the creation of depth by the burning insignuation, sublimating glare. A warming!

The writing of a simplistic name is the celestial incarnation beginning the inaugural congregation to which is the flare conception of the sun, there is within its self a orbit: Flaring the inaugural ignition to be. So the baring to rise, the writings are distinctive of a name: Shall orbit cultivate, there is the external perception of god. Rise, thou faith cultivating the universe: A Scarlet within the proponent possibility of being. Credence is the intern beginnings of the formality of god: For Scarlet is the rising of a name inaugural to creation. Forging onto within that there is the possibility for creation, create onto me thou god: Assailing credence for the universe's creation, forming the archage within creation thou is migrant. There's a literation of equationary equation perpetuating the possibility of space: For which, there's a orbit of a name. There's a commanding of the inner saint of being, rising flare to the ignition of atoms: Rising of a burning into conceptualization. Within the burn, carving a mold of the universe into existence: It is a inaugural burst of conceptualization for the universe perpetuating the destination defining existence.

Blooming within the beauty of a gail orchard perpetuating a garden, There is within a flare of velvet flowers conjuring distinction of a Scarlet: To which there is the nigh of Scarlet blooming on the shard of seasons,

Denotation is the burning flare igniting to the designation of what is a name: To the literal proponent congregating conceptualization, there is within a Scarlet will to rise. For the literative perpetuate a orientation of the initial comprising component, flaring to which is the limmering conceptualization of rise: Caden Scarlet, a glimmer burning the inaugural destination differentiating destinating there is a whether perpetuating quandary.

Bloom which flower, here is my distinction: A portion of myself, the substantial of a burning swan. Revealing its texture onto the Transference of ampiture, imprinting the paragraph of structure is conceived in the name of God. If barence is within the singularity art clave to be me: The apprehension of which is a peacock, alluding beauty. Travel, a stray ink falling dissension onto a pamphlet: Describing myself, forming a city or architecture - To my concretion is god -

My life is today, a burst of flame: To our rotation is a dragon, contort to my soul again. Filed besetting, filling the tempest literating temperance light: And sat, onto the aurora - The sky and the ground, there's a tense pasture. - Setting the light, besetting morning: If it is inaugural and sat, onto the aurora, the sky, and the ground: Curiosity tenses a protruding a horizontal movement destinating directional set western and eastern, movement as its momentum forward. Glare at the Phoenix, the wings are spread as a sun: Touching every aspect with its existence. The sky and the ground bloom the beauty of secrecy flowers, clear across the congregating horizon: A veer creation of precipitation, pasture bridge pasteurizing the secrecy of the garden. Baring in reddish-orange, yellowish-orange and a color beckoning me on a dare to rise: Distinctive perpetuation of singularity destinating me as a Phoenix, amongst the celestial star elaborating there is a Scarlet.

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