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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Sacred Destiny of Omega

The ending vast of end, the appearance slight form of light illumination: It is to God, that a array was sent through creating the Sea of Omega and a array to TerraTransference the build to be planetary star Earth, whether it is to God or humans - it is humans who TerraTransference the Earth. Gaia is changed into a robot!

A humanoid female is spindling spider web composed of fire, within her is the congregation of a Phoenix: A vibrant character within the realm of Phoenix Envy.

Summit being beginning in creation, perplexity is set of rise: Burning, set of rise - the hearth will let of being. Within its creation, beginning befilde the end...... The sun rises, the accursory of a tillary.

The gaze of sun light, a ignitioning lemmering bright: The tensing morning, array the tier of god.

(Zodiac Destroyer)

To have a dream, to walk a concretionary creating road in a creating dream: A Dream - a conscious understanding to and conceptualization, a shadow ( a metaphor for the transience of inaugural beginning and ending.) To dream, to have a dream: To fleet of whereas, beginning and ending forming onto Jade. Precognitive dream for the creation creating of the human species, foresight - it is the wondrous/bewildering conceptualizing of Supremacy, to the creating creation of dream that is simeous to reality. It is to the state consideration of Gold is Jade, that it is of Jade, baring Jade is: To the creating Gold is Jade, the defining is to creating, for the matterism is materialization. To assess that the bareness is or what from Supremacy at the abberant, the moment God began the Phoenix Envy continuum began.

Gaze for the loft prism embrightening, the horizon atmosphere: Foray shall nigh bare the presence, lair of light.

The .... tout the resonance pillar parry thou illumination in light, soft guild of god: Set thou sol, illumination bequeath destined shall be.

Before is the elaboration, kindling onto the sol beset: Light guidence onto it be that lair pondering, thou creation is that of god!

Tinsil that radiance seen: To which be it god, soul rapier be the day splendid in the seasons'.

The dexterity be videlicet onto creation, pior: A fabrication of perplexity summit parallel, forebarence trident parrying the reality.

Lift is a ambierious of a sea, conjuring lit manifestation of the light looming the sun: Manipulation bequills the will describe onto the lariation of the soul.

The seasons are a reflecting, the seasons are freedom: Beyond the glass leveling, there is only plain. Suggesting whereas is a plane: To site is infinite, directing that it is a gredious and the eyes are wary to meet god. A reflectory of dreams is upon the spontaneous nature of the night, the seasons tempest to a sitting amongst the mirror reflecting to the possibility of god. Beyond reasoning, there is the sea yet it is nigh: But there's a flow. Tending to cherry blossom leaves never met, yet they know of me: Guiding me to the central plain. All around me is my mother, the supreme goddess: Tending perspective of me, to look around everything. A guidence of pure gold onto its concretion, the pavement is gold onto its walkway: The sands of dust flows assailance, riding the mythical sea as turbulence.

Flowing into turbulence, there is a board of quandary: To query onto thou quandary, thou creation is of god for what god creation is humans yet humans created god? Tout transitions onto the beginning, if concurrence conjures yielding to the rationality of what may or may such tending the blooming of cherry blossom leaves: The sands conjure onto the Cosmo's beginning, the stage is giving to Omega for it's the seasons perpetuating a kabuki theatrical play. The city lays falling off into the metaphysical personification of one's own.

Secrecy equilibrium are resonance, gail over that art articulation of the star indifference acclaim acclimate forming the sea and the rising sky - gadence is transitioning transference for

Tier of the sea, the sea tears, a waterfall within beset concretion of bloom of cherry blossom leaves: The cherry blossom leaves flourish, the sea is a gail pool of a apocalypse - indifference perimeter presence of a apocalypse, the sea is a gail pool. Waterfall to which is millde of being, form onto the vitality and life - born creation that it beginning born.

A forest beginning beside, day of night beginning: night of the day, lair red concretion creative of the apocalypse - bequeath the linear of star, the Figurative War! The variable is eatable, the firm trees secrecy are without sentience. Simeous the firm of the trees are being eaten, the firm of the trees secrecy are holding sentience: A Unicorn star forms onto the forest.

Before bequeath itself, it may be deceit: A form, a scientific star, aligns on concretion - steel the soil maybe gold. A star, of its own deeds and intentions, art contrise onto Unicorn onto its deceit is to what formative: Burden onto the singular soul, sought infinity/eternity for the possible Cometh, a dance of a Omen, for the Cometh of vitality life. Of the singular and Of the singularity, burden on the singular soul, sought refuge for the Cometh of variance precipitable life begging to be born - birth beginning. Humanity committed treachery, onto god: Light and anarchy. Decise agreements onto angel's arrangements discreting. To decipher tangler of yield is nay of, yielding the forest hold the Star of Unicorn pertaining own objective,

To the grace of our sins given deceit, our lair accumulates into the seishin: Within the grace of nay, longer being able to yield away - the discern conjecture of thy self in the constance of seishin, the seishin discern the wills concealing to morality rage. Within the grace of nay, being privil between - the soul begins to twirl, sparking sono electricity.

Within the damper of light- humanity befall Befalling onto the Unicorn. Within dawn per damper of light, humanity now begs for a machine: The morals of Victorian doesn't deprive the bewilderment of sin.

Omega Wintersnightinggale is driving the robot defining divination as the only name of Gaia, a board hovering above the concretion of concrete: Gaia has the transference of a motorcycle, Gaia is renamed Reality.

Omega Wintersnightinggale, we are God's: Our religion is created by ourselves. Nothing of our family history or ourselves is accurate, the lineage is and yet nothing else shall stray. I apologise to you, Omega Wintersnightinggale: For the suffering you will indore. The talk of my heritage is the step migration of a god, I, and such, there's lineage.

Can we judge, is it right to judge: There may (of the seasons'), be may There Was There Were but none of within are as fast as swift - none of them question. The plateau is meant to be within tenths of seconds, Omega Wintersnightinggale is a perfect 10 on every category - Do we have the right to question? The sea tenders current onto the battlefield beginning/ending, the current of the sea migrates into a god/goddess: "My child, what are you looking at" - it is before mention retrospect that it is the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia/One True Queen is stating onto the hilt of the duration of acknowledgement that humans is neither judging, descending, or praising. To gather a resonance on the perplexity hill of a summit, "A battlefield:" Apparition further abberation "Nandeyo doudai jibun machigainai saa asoko kaika - do you want to do, do you want to live/hanadayori ending/tookanokiku" is the statement by Omega. Judgments isn't that "There's still believe in the prospect of humans nor neither of...: " - All are divinity divine, gathering ascension to walk away, Forever Is and Forever Shall Be Omega.

The steps before came bequeath of economy, what should I be or what should I become: Clave to be of god, creating within humans! To dis stow of the civilization but it came from the institutions within perspective, the inaugural creation of the human being - to designate ourselves. Do omnious knows why the name was Omega: It was a exchange between the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia/Supreme Goddess/One True Queen, Omega is ultimate in perspective of all things - Omega is ultimate in all things, To human - the combination of a name, is still Omega.

The civilization talk keen to its own life, whereas areas once was god or goddesses, institutions since the beginning of humans. The Author's life in the burning yet in the cold, devoid of being a typical human.

A ship, a vessel discerning who said or that person is the preliminal of being. The culture is the Islands of Phoenix Sakura, the Destiny Continent is far away. The vessel has landed, the culture is when you talk civilization will listen.

The myth of Omega, End of Age 1:

"Beginning, sequencing the beginning of being - Entail, ever templating alphabetization, " a device entity states that is within whereas is a entirety of robot. Omega began stating initial language.

The myth of Omega, End of Age 13:

"Opinion, opinions - opinions, " a device entity states - a entirety of a robot, only the cerebrum is seen. "Here it comes," the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia props Omega. Omega stands prepared. Miyuki climbs for the branch, symbolizing knowledge - the gauge of the adversary is lowered.

Age 14:

Whether it is or it, to realm providence of school Encalling apparition of besetting around civility civilization pairs of age: The lesson was beginning to stand, banding preparatory tense of the strings of a instrument, resident of lessons. The lessons are residence of before and after, the sword strikes reasoning it is the

A artificial wooden strafe precludes trinity between the radiant rays of the sun, temperance, and ambient ambiguous ambiguity - a canvas. Personification of which, without any differentation, within variance: The gathering, summit of a area - trapidation, Omega Wintersnightinggale is registered to a Drawing Club. Within the figurative Personification meaning Omni of Omega, the understanding of a building being built: Whereas versus the shadow of the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia, a city of Infinity, Eternity removes all desires videlicet the city is the beginning of the universe.

Be settling beset is drawing, Omega Wintersnightinggale: Administrate is of Senpai - The eyes are lined drawn con current to vacancy presence of Omega Wintersnightinggale.

April 16,

Omega Wintersnightinggale has been feeling itself as a new born infant grabbing its finger within random daydreams, Omega decides to limit test its mother - The Supreme Goddess, by roaring. The land begins to rain, seconds later the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia claps her hands: The light of the sun begins to disantipathe the rain, bringing further light at each still.

One twin of life and one twin within Fictitious mythology, death. Omega Wintersnightinggale has never lost a martial arts set of matches.

It is of the Sea of Omega falling to Terra (Earth) carrying the building blocks to form the corporeal building blocks of the PhoenixTopian Robots. It is to whether the PhoenixTopian Robots are from futurology or the future, presence is before and us, all of us are within chronology beginning in site creation of a site: That it is a human or humans who created the PhoenixTopian Robots!

Do you remember Omega, you wanted the PhoenixTopian Robot to lift the amber: Not necessarily break it, the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia moved into the PhoenixTopian Robot and broke the amber.

"To the illumination of God, burned a illumination, burning into fire transforming into a goddess," testified Omega Wintersnightinggale to Phoenix Jade, briefing on how to combine with a robot in Phoenix Envy.

PhoenixTopians are Humans, Humans are the PhoenixTopians: The species of humans created the PhoenixTopian Robots.

The sea has overflowing into true, the stars are setting: If it is - Onto Omega's verdict

"So you were innocent," a male inferred when in silence Omega Evangelion though thou Omega Wintersnightinggale apprehending the assailing plane perpetuating stillness. Thou search is in mystery, "Then who was it?" Presence is there that it is then, that overly is the perpetuation pertain pertaken: It is of the singular sovereignty, that a singular Scarlet Crimson star was the first - it is to Scarlet Phoenix was the inaugural, who rose as a fire into a goddess.

The inclinementation of

Seasons'... Seasons' if it may be is pouring on the structure of the landscape, Omega Wintersnightinggale is crimson onto Red that is Scarlet of the horizon being Omega, it is to the succumb differentiation that pours the invisibility of the sea levitating its to the proportion of the archage - accumulating seasons', to its seasons, seasons that it is parallel perpendicular beset Befalling of the leaves of cherry blossom assailance onto the beauty of the season. Blare tends of the multiplicative seasons hikakukanou variance being colouration of the sky, simeous of the sea, precipitous Scarlet lair beginning befalling it's flow.

The consciousness singulars onto the one true, the overly precipitation - area that is precision, accompanying to apocalypse. Whereas the area is known to atom, settling a particle of sand in discover: Illumination begins to be Omega.

The light illumination of Omega - at the end is the beginning, simeous with the One True Queen/Supremacy of the goddess reminiscence in the ability attribute prefecture onto the light onto the illumination that is god/goddess

The cumulus cumulative only illumination, beginning over morning dawn, temperance, the morning dawn came: Overture of the queen, set, onto the summit - ominous mysterious Omega. Cumulus of a thousand soldiers, precipitation of the temperance of the city: Presence is only of Omega, particles of individual sand endeavor onto the perplexity of the summit - light illumination, the virtue of morality. Light of the sun, Sun of the illumination light illuminating violation of .....: A single individual against a thousand soldiers..... The swords are bent accumulation in the sand against a duology of duel swords to a encumbant..... precipitation of it is Katana Blade's, the sun illuminates onto the temperance parrying illumination - the leaves of cherry blossom are blooming, the virtues are in clave of the individual baring in the sun temperance it is of the individual conceptualization of the sun baring it is to the day settling onto the night. .
..the night tempest the day and the day tempest the night.

Temperance over above the distinction art clave land archage, Zeta Avalon has rose. Rising to ..... Augmented Reality is solidified, walking migrant with whereas are humans: Zeta Avalon has given them personalities.

Darkness is the summit light, light of the summit warying a tempest crimson scarlet singularity sovereign star, light summit of the darkness: The encumber of Phoenix Jade recognizes Omega Wintersnightinggale, Omega Wintersnightinggale is finalizing the building of the Infinity City - completing it as a whole. It is a distallation of the illumination of the Terra and Moon onto the sun, trinity dilation. A sword gazen on the design, though a trial of the self has been fulfilled.

To falling onto the Night, flare, wary of/within judgment: The sea came, Cometh of the sea, the departing arrival of nine billion - temperance of the sea, tubulation of the sea came encumbant of the Omega. Seen is so vary few, the dissterning of the precipitous precipitation - to whether creation, it is a universe created by the author. "This is a ..... for every human" - a spiritual pressure entailed. "No, this is a universe created by the author," reciprocated the Deus Ex Machina. A vessel ship comes out of the Befalling Befallen onto the Befall, a in-between crimson lisping on a star starlight birth rather than a apocalypse: The mythical vessel ship is moving migrant in momentum, by itself - stern yarning within/without.

To what is the aspect of befalling clave humans, to it is or of that it is the dangling of conceptualization to what it is human: That it is civilization, that all it concerns is the creation of humans - to the assortion of beginning, the creation of god. To, it is humans that created god or yourn that it is god who created humans: Form for, that is the conceptualization of a archage beaming from god. To it is of a variance variation, presence is beginning and ending, that the conceptualization it is of humans or god - that such a variance variation never or cannot, can distern onto the clavation of humans, that it is a form created and creating by humans or is it not, god. The rationalization of variance variation is a expectation of god, within firm and expectation, that it clave off, proportionality the matterism of space clave in the art of Omega or the individuality of god in one. A force all out of one, a force of one, solemn in its abilities as one: The being protruding as one, solemn it is not the ability of the entire species of Terra or Earth - yet it is a conceptualization, the being that doesn't discern way or probably, if it is to cleave either temperance or pro-punctual, that it is a volume yielding differential and exact simeously. To the being of conceptualization, it cannot or never harm the functionality of human: For it is created by humans, the existence of conceptualization exists as god and god as the existence, is forming over to what that is or illumination of conceptualization is by humans.

A form of the new archage land has prevalence, brought by Omega: The land is adjacent to the sea, bringing nine billion people forming of and that it is. Form of god baring, grabbing, grasping to the form of the sea: Sliding the encumbant land, revering reverence of the land, divine dividing the land into divinity - temperance of the land giving diving providence by god. Still stagnant of the purity creating by the divine, stagnant is still the sins conceptualized by humans.

To conceptualizing form, Edenia Infinitia is a elegant particles forming by Supremacy to few are imprinting to be God: By form, it is a muri muchuu tsukuridasu, Edenia Infinitia - a joushahissui conceptualization.....

To the form conceptualized, Fort Providence Residence is holding off Gaia City Named Origin without any of the exterior conceptualization forming originally of Infinity City: Arms weaponry alignment to the pier proportion of concretion - Seasons, cherry blossom. A gulp cry to the baring personification of star's embridle animals, boiling over the star is full: Burdening on their righteousness, aiming - And came over the perplexity summit, felt nothing other and if that was claimed claiming decision within was decise. And fall on the hill came over, pillar in arms conceptualizing animals - life and death, onto the horizon anarchy. For no decision was right! Whether it was seen was human, conceptualization came over in the arms weaponry.

Over, look the tenure - Omega Befallen, Befalling onto the circumstances of what is claiming. A voyage dissension, Assailing, declining: The window seal is in front. The perspective is a scenery, changing, manipulating onto the front of Front Providence Residence: Approximately landing in its emergence transition into the realm provocation, set tortious settling coming adherence instantaneous beakons all "That There Have Always Been And Always Shall Be Omega!"

Blazes on the realm torn, lift thou arms weaponry in though - shall or should that differentiation or indifferent be just, the art shall be silhouette in the light illumination howling. And the sun shall blaze on the deeds thereforth and therefore, the migrant walk is a star of a animal - cadence in within is the arms weaponry. And there was nothing there, a gulp is crying arms weaponry pier alignment settle the battlefield was ready, pierce in the eyes of make, pierce in the eyes is the creation creating of a book "How Will Man Stand?" Your A God Or Man, settling onto the ... pierce as god. Shall the arm weaponry be on the punishment of God, it is the quandary of the sovereign: For the individual sovereignty stood as God, blinking in illumination - illumination stood in front and stood set at sovereign back pier illumination, stillness standing stood set for all conceptions of matter beginning inaugural creation - illumination illuminating stood at the arms weaponry back. Pier if it is saint, parrying of the sun - illumination is perspective and perspective is illumination.

Open your eyes, Befalling, Befallen on eternity: Abstaining abberation is in the falling, never site is the rise and the anarchy apocalypse of the landscape archage, flourish the walking migrant onto caden horizon - the materialization is creating onto the solidifying concretion forming. It is to the creation of matter, flourish the walking matter materializing materialization onto the caden horizon: Open your eyes in creation, temperance, between neither and nothing - Open your eyes, withholding the abberation is the concretion when the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia is being creating simeous creating. Shall light form on one, shall it be known as God, whether it is followed or following - it is inclination of all, neither and nothing allotting perplexity into forming. A Equivalent Equilibrium Seredrum El Supreme Maravilloso Teologia, The back scope of Omega is a current in its forming shown, the landscape is a land forming archage in front of Fort Providence Residence - "Infinity City, When you're ready Transference."

Radiance separating, becoming amongst the stars: A sacred imminence of Gaia City Named Origin, the materialization of space shining as if endeavorance - shimmering the neutrality of the beauty within Origin. To its endeavorance is to the Night of Fire silhouette in the horizon of three differentiating correlations of Gaia City Named Origin - the Terra has been pulled by Omega, the sky erupts in the Night of Fire for the possible/possibility never ending to be met yet is meeting coming the fire forms of illumination, the day/night is central abberation to all matters that it is a crystal light Videlicet the day is the night and the night is the day.

Only to the form formication formalization that is creation - Omega, to site the eternal possession. Still, Eternity runs migrant runs - bewildering acknowledging Sun Aphrodite Rosa is indeed the eternal energy within, the sea forming into Omega at the Inaugural beginning to creation that Sun Aphrodite Rosa is forming as Eternity around Omega. The two suns set as the lighting day and the lighting night, "Once again Eternity: Transference, Infinity City!" The illumination in Trinity forms the cerebrum of Infinity City once again, the figurative and literal butterfly of the Cosmic spine, the Butterfly Effect, and the light illumination over darkness or darkness over light illumination: Sun Aphrodite Rosa as Eternity and Omega Wintersnightinggale are connected, flare flown in beauty - the City maneuver it's Fort Asset into Transference Infinity while Transference is simeously simultaneously itself, to which the perch pearl is over. The Solar Flare inaugural to all is burning, ..... "Origination Originating, jibun heika - To know, to be aware of that the persistence of self have to realize adjourning to understand. Shiru, To have to do the with: To be concerned with" - stated Gaia City Named Origin.

Konzesakuhi, construction has protruded construction in the creation of the sun personifying universe.

A metallic metal divine bird is watching the surveillance monitors for adversaries. " I'm never good nor evil, " stating Dancer Omen - " I just exists! Let's say I'm a loyal ally! "

Of the universe itself, Dancer Omen and Omega Wintersnightinggale are beset outside of a vessel - Dancer Omen is watching in awe at the intentions of Gaia City Origin, " Origin must be stopped! " Omega is binding to all to a stray, except the singularity star that it is Omega, a warrior to many and elegance in the Fictitious that propagate gender: The seasons' current propagate whether this is to what creates a universe and what is a universe concretion in its creating forming a ending - for this isn't the ending, " No matter the cost! "

Quote - " Origin Origin must be stopped. No matter the cost " is a quote from Transformers: The Movie.

The waterfall protruding precipitation of self to that is the Omega Wintersnightinggale is falling from the hair of the mysterious ominous, flourishing assailance on the sacred templating conjuring onto the archage land: Imprinting a new costume for Omega Wintersnightinggale, the concrete lifts - combinating congregation into the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia that is creation unseen bewildering on the birth site of the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia. To construction forming the invisible whole, Omega Wintersnightinggale holds out her hand to touch her mother's. The water flows deep into the Terra, a directional point of six: Repairing the Terra.

Of the gailing water came over, the water fell Befalling on the words of a thousand, the glare light/darkness dissolated into the star gadence over the personification of the entire sea site becoming a roaring lion, a erupting dragon, a tiger of fire attempting to be sighted, the light tranquil of a antelope, and a adult female cheetah of light illuminating to the abberation of the Phoenix glim of the sun that's invisible light - to what is the sea, a word of a thousand. Over the hearth of a possible god/goddess resonance in the Fictional, distant the solemn sovereign star was a pillar standing - on the perplexity summit, secrets coming, overly there are clouds of a bridge - were there ever a tiding sea, bringing Omega closer to humanity: Within relations, perch on that closed creation hearth. Civilizations awaiting though that mirror is a closet door, finding pages trying never to walk: So sol distantly from me, from civilization - speaking to man, trying to get you to come back sol far. Flare guiding current rising as the sunlight, reminiscence the dominance pertaining in light, secret sky, the chains that connect us together will never part. The current of the sea will rise to answer, there's only thunder that you have departed: The tears of civilization at the sea that's the pain will never go away.

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