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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Harsov the Harsh Notes {Chapter Twenty)

These are notes to organize my thoughts, and project a plotline. The actual story will begin soon.

In this chapter, Brambleheart is confronted by Brokenbranch, and she tries to force his spirit into his preserved body, which she controls through blood magic/necromancy. At present I am uncertain whether this succeeds or fails.

During the confrontation, Brambleheart loses control of Elorna's spirit, who breaks free and returns to her tree, there to form another body. Brambleheart is left in possession of the old body, which takes more and more blood magic to keep from deteriorating.

Bladesong introduces the returning Guardians to the surviving Guardians from the demon battle. Starseeker becomes interested in shamanic magic.

Lorash begins training Adam in attuning Ravensfeast, which is sentient. Adam falls in love with the spirit of the blade (female). Lorash is disgusted. viewing this as one more aspect of Adam's perversion.

The trio of adventurers draw ever closer to Burning Ash, and that confrontation. Meanwhile, Harsov begins to suspect the sword he received from the Lava Lord is more than just a magic weapon. In fact, each being slain by it draws energy for the Lava Lord, and opens the doorway for him to return a little wider.

Adriana's resentment of Harsov continues to fester and grow. She is unaware the Moon Priestess is using her as a conduit to spy on the elves of Elmwood, seeking for Lorash. The resentment she is feeling is actually that of the Moon Priestess, who blames Harsov for aiding Lorash to escape.

Burning Ash struggles with unfamiliar emotions, as his unknown son Lorash continues to impress him. A part of him is proud, he has no other children, and truly loved Lorash's mother. Another part recognizes him as a threat and a rival. Thus he toys with him, when he would be far smarter to simply obliterate him from a distance.

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