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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Harsov- Further Notes

Eventually, Harsov, Adam, and Lorash will return to Elmwood. After the confrontation there with Brambleheart, several situations arise. First, the elven people are uncertain of Elorna as Dryad Queen. They are told she was possessed by Brambleheart, but as spirit possession is not visible, have no confirmation of that. How do they know for certain, that she is not STILL possessed?

Secondly, if she IS the Dryad Queen, and Adam is acknowledged as the heir, law demands they produce offspring together, reestablishing the royal line. Neither Elorna, nor Harsov, nor Adam, nor Lorash, is in favor of that. Perhaps more importantly, neither is Ravensfeast, or rather, the dryad spirit bound within it. Yes, Ravensfeast is the last remaining piece of the original Mother Tree, which gave birth to all other trees, and thus the elven race as well. The spirit bound within the weapon is the dryad of that tree, which has fallen in love with Adam, and he with her.

Thus, with this ancient dryad's aid, plans are made to "transplant" the dryad, using the weapon to regrow the original Mother Tree for the spirit to inhabit. Once this is done, there is no question she will be acknowledged as the Dryad Queen.

This, of course, is no simple matter, and requires extensive effort on everyone's part. Nor is the idea immediately thought of. At first, it looks as though there is no other choice but for Adam and Elorna to mate and produce the next heir, whether they wish it so or not. Harsov cannot handle the emotional turmoil, or the thought of Adam and Elorna together. He leaves unannounced, and none know where he has gone. Before departing, he absconds with one of the rare heartwood rings, making it impossible to locate him Likely the ring is passed on to him from Brokenbranch.

The Moon Priestess continues her infatuation with Lorash, seeking to persuade/coerce him to return to her. He is less than enthused with this idea.

Burning Ash returns to Elmwood with Lorash. He has made peace with his son, and is outraged when he realizes Brambleheart and her Ice Demon father dared to slay the only woman he ever loved. It is only through his direct aid that Elmwood is purged of its demonic presence and restored to natural order. Afterward he returns "home", but first creates a permanent link, or gateway, between Elmwood and his home.

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