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The Stone Throwers:
A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Phoenix Envy: Eliteria Terra and Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett

ISBN: 978 - 1 - 365 - 03424 - 4

It began with a question - To light of the sun, if of a spider could whether in-between two personification of stars, if Spider Sun of PhoenixTopian Robots could Transference: For form of front on the creation of the universe, then, paralleling the universe in creation - Then who taught the PhoenixTopian Robots and Mechanical Dragons? Infinity and Eternity was thrown across each other side of the universe, then who taught the PhoenixTopian Robots and the Mechanical Dragons how to Transference?

Ushering the sun, following the sun: Cleanse forth the impurities ladent for such a literation of light clave, sought is the iteration glim in the sun. Illumination does it or does it equivalent equilibrium in the formation of a human: Being clave of art, of sol, within the sol light of being - within the sun.

The handling pier cleansing into the literative waters, a grasping a rise lamenting the fluidity of metatarsals: Sharping the beauty of the sun, setting the distant landscape arch bequeath the splendid conformity of nature illuminating against the trapidation parrying the star central to the universe. Warmth fills the imagination of a bent sun, transpascity is the waterfalls forgery flourishment concretion tillerating to each is a Assailing dew correlating tense born from the saint precipitation of god: Without the firmer of emotion or the intentions of saint Omen migrating - there is within faint, a arch clave over within creating is the creating of scheme and art, setting the sun is the sun. There is a faint, inclination of shining light as bright as god: Within creation being exact. There is a faint memory of god: That soon the world will be owned by...A faint world of Eve, a morning beginning ever and every: Sol is the silhouette parrying the formulary Assailing is a formulary of the flourishing archage: A formulary falls trans tilling, solemn of light cleanse precipitation is only sand mere the sol. The star is a singular star giving being before and after is paradise.

There's a narrative within our being,

Within per-fact suggestion, there is a war: Longevity beginning, barence, Cometh - A suit, such as every suit, is a being creating by the sun. In its literal perpetuation, the materialism is manipulatable - the presence of realm is in a apocalypse, protectorate suites are designed to guidance the garmet user. A satellite, onto the prudence of the sun, assails a lofting current pense into middle drift - tenure allocating stasis for Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett to scan anything for guidance. Within pertaining of meaning, prevalent in the stern structure stature of concretion - melting into form. Within pertaining of meaning, prevalence in, the suit is molded into a young female named Aerial.

" Make a copy of Convoy Prime Convoy's brain, " Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett is ordering to the Phoenixtopian Robot's medical doctor while linked to Aerial. The mission actuating duration of beginning, the commencement is in silhouette as the conversation between Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett and the Phoenixtopian Robot's medical doctor ends. The darkness of the eternal progression of star progresses onto a novella literative radiance illumination literature sovereignty, the appearance of quandary - differentiating a planet form to the illumination of a sun and a extremely extraordinarily large asteroid, the sense is on the persuasive integer's between negative and positive. The military team of Phoenixtopian Robot's led by Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett lands on the planet empowering within by a sun to itself, Far-Sway detects the objective - far away to them, " Our objective seems, there! " A small planetary embodiment is off to the distance - between them is the instant reality of duality, the Mechanical Dragons land on the Planet within itself a sun. Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett tense to meet their leader - standing stern and confident, the leader of the Mechanical Dragons tense to listen to what Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett has to state - " We're ( Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett reveals some sort of medallion ) only going to do scientific research on that asteroid. " The slant proper confident stance of the leader of the Mechanical Dragons protrudes further, " We we're only going to build a satellite on the planet within itself a sun. " To the sumience of quandary, Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett offers a sparring match competition -

Within per-fact suggestion, there was a war: Longevity beginning, came, Cometh the spider Sun of the PhoenixTopian Robots - per-fact within being, within its diversion the Spider Sun of the PhoenixTopian Robots knew many forms. Sun beginning to state a story as Eliteria Terra transpasses by: Soul Armageddon was one of those who able barely for life by coinciding by a waterfall.

A prayer was left on the lap - by Sun Aphrodite Rosa and Eliteria Terra - of the Supreme Maravilloso Teologia, pregnant: Within the womb, Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett.

The cerebrum of Eliteria Terra is a humanoid female student playing at Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett's house: A assault on morality by the PhoenixTopian Robots, forced Eliteria Terra's cerebrum body or God Differentation Butterfly to open - revealing it is a suit, a doll whereas hou taihou housei.

The sands proportionate you, Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett, within me: stated Eliteria Terra. The entity once was a Sun, displacing in similarity from the PhoenixTopian Robots born, the light sun of god came pertaining the creation of many stars: The sea came with a woman, bringing - the water blossom is a variance counter clave as sand, several morning drops of dew.

No, no one will ride within me: I was prophecy to be with - Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett. What is it, that's a me: A proportionate of my body, stating Eliteria Terra.

The sea has taken over majority of your body, forming it was the eternal sea of god or the One True Queen: It's presumed not to be your sister, at a young age - your mine, such incredible power. The young adolescent adult was infected by Victorian Rage, Transference Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett into a god: Substantially increasing the power of Eliteria Terra - this process is far different than the Butterfly Effect.

The sea perpetuating charisma interchanges, the mechanism forming the formula of the building: Leadership can be rebuilt,

The radius of the Zeta Avalon, the cerebrum seems to be always moving: Distillation has searched the northern interior premium circumference, the signifying lariation is benign to the sub structure of cerebrum, inter laying sequencing - the northern proportionate is the western hemisphere, the cerebrum should, stratus of the northern hemisphere. Gen:1:26: And if likiness should - iteration being, iteration becoming. Domain dominion onto the perceptualization of Zeta Avalon, givings onto the after the likiness of God and dominion.

_Humanities sins will be forever, forever, sins of artificial construction defining the One True Queen or if it were god, Supreme Maravilloso Teologia - solemn onto a lone creation of a planet, humanities sins will be forever, forever the dusts of sands star. Temperance acclimate light illumination, a limitless/limited plateau defining in-between without ever a name: Beginning! Being, forsaken, cast onto the golden iron of a body born siting with the Supreme Goddess: Forever, the dusts of sands be forsaken - the sake of difference if would be god, glass let in our lust, the clear plateau sun of all beings in our manifestation of desires. Secrecy onto the light illuminating postulation/stipulation whethering or rather individuality in a singular stroud of sand: To videlicet the fallen rises, resonance of the sea and kind of man or god. In our revolution of sensuality, kind in our rise determining rather in the form concerning: If it is to vitality or vitality is Conjudence forming infinity/eternity, forsaken in our dissolution of our rights / forsaken in our dissolution of others' rights! Through the golden conformities of seasons': Betroll orbit of the novel singularity star - Betroll written in the golden corporeal form of space, temptation, shadows over light on the horizon.

Every migrant step of concretion by King Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett is a migrant step in the migrant negative/positive solidification of time, the malevolent god, searching ......

Megalithithia City is combining with Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett, he's fitting inside of her as she Trans..... into a fort cannon - a pretense must have been made by Alluriel Aerial - he only works with her, it's a Imposer's!

Megalithithia City is combining with Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett, he's fitting inside of her as she Trans..... into a fort cannon - a priestess has been captured, the partnership between Megalithithia City allows Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett to target a energy chain holding the priestess captive. " If you're not neither, then you should be able to force yourself to pull away! " Such accuracy from the Imposer! The Priestess pulls herself away. " They've separated! " - the priestess runs behind Kirisuto-Kyouto Hulett in suit, immediately near Megalithithia City.

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